Posted on March 1, 2023 | By Yvonne Martin

How To Prepare For Being Interviewed On Music Blogs

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Interviewing for music blogs is VERY intriguing! Interviews are what provide fans with a unique, personal glimpse into the lives and brains of the musicians they like. They are a fantastic way for musicians to communicate with and uplift their fan base, promote their music, and attract the interest of a larger audience. 

Interviews can also be the ideal setting for disappointing, offending, enraging, or boring your audience. If you’re careless, an interview could even entirely wreck your reputation For this reason, there are countless publications online on “How to prepare for an interview.” It’s crucial to be well organized. The following suggestions on how artists should approach interviews will help them make the most of this chance.

Interviews are a fantastic opportunity for publicity, whether they are conducted with a large media outlet or a regional music blog. However, they might be overwhelming for anyone who is new to the publicity scene. Here are some tips to help calm your nerves if you’re nervous about an impending interview.

Define Your Brand & Direct Your Narrative

Recognize that every media interview offers a huge opportunity regardless if the questions are uninteresting or tedious. Because an interview in any magazine is an endorsement from others and you get to shape your narrative, people believe what others have to say about you far more than they will ever believe what you have to say. 

You have the opportunity to supply responses that entice fans to interact more deeply with you as an artist. Additionally, they’ll give you the chance to direct your own story. Of course, you must first understand who your brand is, but that topic deserves its own piece.

Express Your Persona, Sentiments, And Beliefs!

Your responses can showcase your personality traits, such as your dry wit, silliness, emotional sensitivity, hopeless romanticism, or riffraff tendencies. 

Moreover, you can express your sentiments and beliefs during interviews. These are usually most obvious in the way you write and record your songs, and when it comes to expressing them in writing, they frequently get misinterpreted. 

Make links between your music’s topics and ideals and who you are as a person by displaying your vulnerabilities in the process.

Highlight Your Tribe And Showcase Others

Shining a light on others is one of the finest ways to demonstrate your membership in a tribe. Therefore, when someone asks you for some musical comparisons or when you are discussing your local scene, bring up local venues and performers you are familiar with and with whom you already have ties; perhaps you work together. 

Mention performers that you can tour or play shows with. Go the extra mile and, if possible, connect to these artists’ songs or websites. After the piece is published, you can tag the venues and musicians when sharing it on social media. They could spread your content, and their followers might take note.

Respect The Writer’s Deadline

By missing deadlines, you give the impression that you don’t respect the music writer or their magazine, which is bad for your PR. When the next potential moment to feature you occurs, the writer might decide to go with one of the other 600 pitches in their inbox or choose an artist they are certain will react promptly.

Share Your Interview

To land this interview, you put in a lot of effort. It’s time to disperse it now on social media platforms and your website! The exposure of the interview relies on you because not every media publishes every post that appears on their blog or website throughout their social networks. 

Final Thoughts

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