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How Live Streaming & Artists Are Affected By Corona

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In order to help artists have a better understanding on the progress and status of the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chartmetric, a music analytics company that is based in the US, monitored 2M+ artists across 20+ streaming and social media data sources.

Research shows that live streaming is crucial for artists right now because the majority of the world’s population is sitting at home with a lot of free time in their hands.

Therefore, if you are an artist, musician or a band who is looking for some quick and easy digital music marketing info about how you can positively boost your career during these crucial days, continue reading what MusicPromoToday has gathered for you down below. 

Here are some key points you should read and take away before moving forward!

  • If you are a popular artist, chances are you have a lot of followers. Therefore, having live streams are either going to increase your following list, or at least keep them right where they are! 
  • Artists who schedule their own live streams from their own account will instantly generate an increased follower growth. This includes Facebook live streams, YouTube live streams, and Instagram live streams.  
  • It’s crucial for you as an artist to make a live guest appearance on other artists’ live streams because you are exposing yourself to a new audience! 
  • When you start doing live streams online consistently and your fans adjust and “expect” you to have planned live streams, there will be a reduced expectancy of non-live content consumption. 

Voila! 4 facts that will help you engage with your core fanbase, exponentially build it. Start bridging the gap today!

Live Streaming on Facebook

Now, let’s get a little bit more specific by bringing in some concrete examples of this strategy. 

The follow-on impacts of the coronavirus pandemic — in particular, supported or authorized isolated measures — have resounded all through the music industry and overall, in all demographic gatherings, from consumers to creators and everybody in between. Therefore, it’s important to provide the virtual content your followers are yearning for. 

Sure, the live concert experience will never go away, and will hopefully be back soon but social media platforms are making it a bit easier for musicians to not end their musical content. 

Facebook has released some cool new live stream features for those who want to participate in the latest music career boosting trend. 

  • Facebook allows viewers to view live streams without having a Facebook account.
  • They are including automatic closed captioning.
  • There has been an expansion of digital tipping capabilities to more streamers.
  • Toll-free phone numbers for charity streams to take live callers.

Analysts and music marketing companies do point out that it appears live streams can assist musicians, regardless if it’s through their own channels or through other musicians channels. 

With all the additional time, artists presently must be innovative, and of course live streaming is definitely not a waste of time and is actually a really neat and effective way for them to connect with their fans. 

YouTube Live

Anyone who was previously skeptical about digitizing every aspect of the music industry has most likely become a forced convert within the last couple of months … artists included. But there’s a major qualification we should make when it comes to the live sector: The live concert experience isn’t going anywhere.

It isn’t so much that live streams will replace shows and concerts at any point in the near future; rather, the live experience will probably turn out to be additionally increased and maybe even enhanced by the computerized understanding.

Many artists have resorted to online YouTube streaming because:  

  • Cost-effectiveness – Live streaming is free on YouTube and (other platforms) and you don’t need much equipment to get started which makes it affordable, and overall, there’s no post-production needed once your live stream is over.

  • Boost in content creation – After your live stream is over, you can decide to keep your video published as a video on demand (VOD) or you can repurpose it by creating shorter clips posts for blogs, stories, newsfeed and more! 

  • Increased watch time – All social media platforms have the algorithm to record how long viewers watch your posted videos. This is an important feature to measure the relevance of your videos! Because most live streams are about an hour, they tend to increase the overall view time of your content! 

Instagram Live

Research shows that Instagram has the highest engagement of any social media platform. But sometimes, you might face issues with your post reach. Therefore, live streams give your page a maximum outreach and viewer retention when done correctly! Check out the helpful hints below! 

Visibility: 70% of instagram posts aren’t seen. A lot of users tend to waste time coming up with a strategy to get likes on their posts! Stories combat that problem by placing your content at the top of your followers’ feeds but Instagram live takes it one step further. Your live stream appears at the same place of your story except it is placed at the front of the storyline, which gives you a pretty solid chance of getting views. Instagram live streams are also highlighted, which increases interest and draw to watch. 

Urgency: Because live content creates a sense of urgency, researchers and online music marketing companies state that people tend to have a hard time turning away from live streams. Think of it this way– it’s a real time collective experience which makes it more sticky and appealing compared to a regular post. Each person becomes invested and wants to see what happens next because they don’t want to miss out on something important! Music marketing agencies also find that it’s the same way with real life Instagram story content! So keep ‘em coming! 

Wrap Up

Live streaming is here and isn’t going away anytime soon! So you as an up and coming musician should be jumping on this bandwagon if you haven’t already!  The live experience is just growing, and for the music industry, that implies seeing how musicians can keep up a similar feeling of common commitment they get from live shows while utilizing their advanced technical abilities.

We hope you put the insights above to work and start ripping off the benefits of live streaming.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about the benefits of live streaming, you can drop us a message on our Contact page and we will try reply to you within 24-48 hours! 

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