Limited Time Offer – Campaign Starts on May 24th – Guaranteed Results – Snoop Dogg + MPT Agency Exclusive Campaign

Limited Time Offer 
Campaign Starts on May 24th 
Guaranteed Results

Promote your Instagram page and get sponsored
by Snoop Dogg

– With an Instagram reach of
almost 60 million followers

Campaign starts on May 24th ✅

Limited spots available ✅

Estimated results: 40K followers ✅

Snoop Dogg will launch the campaign on his Instagram page on Monday, May 24th 2021.

The advertising fee to get your Instagram included in the promotion is $2500.

This exclusive campaign is guaranteed to get you at least 40K active followers.

Grow your Instagram reach and increase your brand reputation and credibility.

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    FAQ - How does this campaign work?

    MPT Agency specializes collectively on all aspects of Instagram promotion, reach, and growth. Connectivity with Celebrities and influencers alike has been built over years of networking and strong relationships in the social media and entertainment world. With social media being one of the highest earning platforms in today’s modern world we use our collective skills to grow companies social media presence.

    We have partnered with @SnoopDogg on Instagram for a MPT Agency Giveaway.

    This campaign works best for any brand that wants to make an impression or grow their Instagram page. Artists, doctors, local shops, models, dentists and Instagram influencers usually sign up first.

    Our strategy is to get your Instagram page mentioned by celebrities we represent and expand your followers reach aggressively. MPT Agency has represented some of the worlds most renowned celebrities and public figures since 2012 such as Mayweather, Rick Ross, The Game, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and many more.

    1. Snoop Dogg will share this video on his Instagram to announce our giveaway of 20K in cash prize.

    2. Snoop Dogg will instruct his followers to visit @music.promo (our Instagram host page) and follow everyone that our profile is following. (We will follow your page when you reserve your spot).

    3. By being on the following list of our Instagram page, Snoop’s fans will follow your Instagram page to enter the giveaway.

    4. Therefore, while your Instagram page is on our following list, we estimate a guaranteed minimum gain of 40K USA based followers. This is a quick, organic and smart way to increase your followers and reach.

    MPT Agency is a full-scale  music marketing agency bringing online exposure through the form of celebrity marketing campaigns.

    Snoop Dogg will initiate the campaign on May 24. The campaign will end on May 28. 

    Our guarantees:

    • The campaign result estimate is guaranteed and realistic.
    • The minimum expected follower count is 40,000
    • The maximum is 50,000.
    • This number is accurate and derived from our past giveaways. 
    • 70% + followers of Snoop Dogg’s account are from USA. 
    • This campaign will change the way you look, your Instagram looks, therefore, the way your brand looks. 

    Our business model is the most effective route to ensure organic growth of Instagram accounts. We stand alone in guarantees, quality marketing, at a rate that has left many clients satisfied. We pride ourselves in delivering real results.

    We do all the heavy lifting to Grow your BRAND and social media presence quickly and organically, with our target market campaigns, our clients are still growing because of our giveaways.

    To help you maximize this opportunity, we will schedule a 15-20 min call with our entries to guide on them on the following:

    – What type of content to create to increase engagement.
    – Best times to post.
    – Strategies to engage your 40 000 new followers properly. 
    – Best practices to avoid a lot of unfollows (the maximum unfollow rate is 5-10% usually).
    – Best practices to keep growing your Instagram.
    – Best practices to automate your Instagram growth. 


    We pride ourselves in helping local businesses & top brands grow their Instagram presence. We’re also a global creative & marketing firm that works differently because we’re built differently.

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    We’re grateful to work with incredible clients

    Great team, great communication. MPT really shows me how to use Instagram whilst also catering the content to properly grow my Instagram page. They're the best out there for IG campaigns!
    Hilary Leigh
    Artist, Singer, Songwriter
    I had a great experience with MPT Agency ! My Instagram followers grew to 500K in a short time, but the best part was seeing my reach and impressions increasing. Every giveaway it gets better.
    Hall Read
    Music Producer/ NFT Enthusiast/ Crypto Investor
    MPT's Instagram giveaways helped our clinic's Instagram page grow by 100X. Couldn't be happier with our results. Every doctor in our clinic now has a high-end, presentable Instagram page. 10 STARS!
    Quintin Angus
    Profiles Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery
    I think MPT Agency are a new breed of PR / marketing companies...pretty rare to find a team that delivers quality, target and consistent results. I am very happy with our Instagram growth.
    John Adams
    Keynote Speaker/ Instagram Influencer Page @Wealth

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