Posted on March 14, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

DogeCola dropping its very first NFT collection ahead of its real-life soft drink launch

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What makes DogeCola really stand out from other crypto projects?

First of all, it’s a crypto ecosystem that comes with an actual soft drink. In fact, it’s the very first meme token to feature its own soft drink, which will hit the markets soon.

Secondly, dApps, and Ethereum-based NFTs called the DogeCola Factory, a collection of 7,777 unique, randomly generated wild boars with adorable characteristics.

In addition to being connected to the entire DogeCola ecosystem,  the NFTs come with several utilities such as: All NFT holders will receive $DOGECOLA tokens monthly. Then, once the drink is launched, they can buy it with a 20% discount. Plus, those who buy the drinks can scan a QR code on the bottle for a chance to win more NFTs! Additionally, the DogeCola team plans various real-life and metaverse events.

The DogeCola NFT collection will drop at 5:00 pm GMT on March 17.

Here’s a preview: (how cute are these???)

And lastly, CHARITY! The Dogecola community has pledged to hold a referendum to support  donating money to organisations fighting plastic waste. DogeCola soft drink bottles will be  part of the answer to the growing problem of plastic waste landfills.

With all the above, the project steps into the world of cryptocurrencies in an original and unusual way.

“We believe that innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. DogeCola is the change we need.” DogeCola mentioned on their website.

Marketing for the brand has been booming since DogeCola has spared no effort in its marketing efforts since the coin launched last year. In fact, the brand has been on display in Times Square, New York, reaching millions of people.

Additionally, DogeCola’s “Cola Can” was featured at the Art Now event held at the iconic Raffles Arcade in Singapore.

The team also sponsored a No.12 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Tate Fogleman in the NASCAR campaign world truck series 05-2021. It also partnered with several Twitter and YouTube influencers to raise awareness about the project to masses.

To conclude, DogeCola is a breath of fresh air in the crowded NFT market. For all the latest updates about the project, you can follow its Twitter page and join its Discord server and Telegram channel.

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