Posted on December 9, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

Check Out These Fascinating Holiday Music Merchandise Marketing Tips

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There is no one size fits all strategy for merchandise marketing. Maximizing conversions requires patience, experimentation, and flexibility. The truth about merchandise marketing is that you are selling hype rather than necessities, and a variety of micro and macro elements influence a person’s decision to buy a certain thing. 

Because of this, what works for one artist could not work for another. Therefore, we advise starting with the basics. This entails establishing your campaign in the most efficient way possible and then offering your marketing some time to adjust. 

There are four straightforward, fundamental factors to take into account:

Choose The Right Platform

Ever since the iOS14 update’s effects on tracking capabilities two years ago, the amount of data provided has definably decreased. In comparison to all other e-commerce marketing channels, the Google Search placement has consistently demonstrated higher conversion rates.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, we advise always including Google Search to see whether your viewers are generating there. The efficacy of this arrangement is greatest when an artist has a buzz and significant activity influenced by major events. An artist can, for instance:

  • Announcing a new album
  • Announce a new tour
  • Make an appearance on television
  • Have a viral moment

Next, after Google Search, pick the social media platform with the most active viewership. Typically, this is still on Meta since, despite the iOS change, campaigns can be followed there rather effectively. There are benefits to avoiding stretching your budget too thin, even though we advise marketing music merchandise on at least one social media network.

Optimization Of Creative Assets 

Particularly on Meta, there is a sweet spot between having too few and too many creatives. Our advice is to start testing no less than two and no more than three different types of content on your social platform. In this method, each creative receives enough funding from each crowd to provide statistically relevant results, but there are still a few choices for optimization.

All artistic forms should have one essential component—the “pop” factor. Have your idea and brand stand out. 

Optimization Of  Audience

Expanding your audience will be the campaign’s primary force. Because purchasing music merchandise is a high-intent action, you need to be extremely deliberate about the audiences you place these ads in front of and maintain your efficiency in this way.

One rule to keep in mind is to focus on redirecting audiences when marketing for high-intent actions like music merchandise sales. This entails giving people who have already shown an interest in the artist priority. This is because they are the readiest to pull out their credit cards and make a purchase.

Adaptability & Patience

Extending the campaign length is the greatest method to make merchandise marketing effective and predictable since campaign runtime extension enables data-driven optimizations. 

Based on the results, the budget can be divided across platforms, audiences, and creatives. Modern marketing allows you to monitor what audiences are responding to and capitalize on it, but only if you have the chance and time to make adjustments.

Key Takeaway

This Christmas season, if you’re trying to promote music merchandise, put yourself in the best possible position by picking the most efficient channels, choosing a limited number of creatives, appealing to the right audiences, extending campaign lengths, and making improvements.

Learn more about our marketing agency and our approach to supporting you through this process at MPT Agency.

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