Posted on March 7, 2022 | By John Reynolds

Best Tips For Compelling Spotify Audio Ads: Tested Practices

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When it comes to Spotify, every artist wants to maximize their streams. Of course, audio ads can play a role. It makes sense because 43% of Spotify Free users believe these ads to be more tailored and 25% say they are more attentive to Spotify ads compared to radio ads.

Spotify ads provide two targeting strategies: Related Artist Fans targeting and Real-Time Context targeting. It has been shown that Related Artist Fans targeting is more valuable for this exact purpose. But how does one go about creating those ads and a strategy in the first place? Let’s see what Spotify says about creating compelling ads in order to get more streams as an artist.

Tip #1

Get a Spotify Free account

This may not be the cool advice or a secret trick you wanted to hear but it works. As simple as that, if you want to succeed, you should put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and hear what they hear. First of all, this is good because you have a chance to really understand your audience. But it doesn’t stop there: it is a great opportunity to see how other brands, businesses, and artists are addressing your audience and what kind of audio ads they create. Mind you, we don’t want you to copy what they are doing. But being familiar with other artists’ strategy means you can come up with something even better!

Tip #2

Give your listeners a taste of your music

If you’re targeting via Related Artist Fans strategy then it is helpful to make your ad a vibrant piece of your music. A few seconds-long portion of your staple song or a new hit can potentially get you more streams from your target audience. Always remember that your ad should be consistent with your personal brand as you are practically representing your own business.

Tip #3

Test, Measure, Optimize, Repeat!

Alejandro Medina, the Senior Performance Analyst of Grupo Bursátil Mexicano, advises to think about every ad in terms of a product you are offering. “If you’ve never made an audio ad before, start your creative concepting process by determining your campaign objective, choosing a compelling CTA, and establishing the benefit that your brand or product offers,” he said in a Spotify article. 

But, of course, just posting an ad and letting it go will lead you nowhere. Testing and measuring the results are the next most important steps. After seeing what works well, try to build up on that and continue doing so throughout every campaign. To quote Median again, “The risk of not testing, measuring, analyzing, and optimizing can cause you to fall in love with a beautiful but non-functional creative concept.”

According to Spotify, there are numerous tips and tricks you to try. But without these three you will probably not have a significant result. It is important to know your audience, know your competitors, whether you are a business or an artist. It is also crucial to see things through your audience’s eyes (or ear, in this case). If you post one ad and it does not yield the results you were aiming for, don’t worry! You have a limitless amount of chances to optimize and try again. And if you research how others are doing it, you’ll have a better chance of creating impactful ads that drive streams upon streams. Make sure to refer back to our past Spotify articles where we discuss about driving Facebook ad traffic to Spotify.

We hope you found this article helpful!

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