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All Things in Balance: Stop Spamming Your Fans, Create Chemistry

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Keeping your audience engaged and entertained are the goals of most artists promoting their music online. Unfortunately, that is the very reason creators start spamming their fans on social media. To stop this, it is essential to know HOW TO actually engage your social media fanbase. Think of building an authentic connection with your followers rather than just baseless promotion. To get tips on music promotion, read 15 Great Music Marketing Tips for 2020. It will help you understand the general trends of music marketing in 2020.

To keep the audience intrigued, you need a tailored approach to keep your audience coming back. In this article, MusicPromoToday will share tips to help you stop spamming your fans as an engagement. To build an authentic connection with your audience, consider concentrating on niching down your target audience, instead of just broadening to a global reach. 

There may be different reasons for people to be interested in your brand or your music, but fans will stay for only two reasons: inspiration and relatability. So, it is essential to know your fanbase very well to choose topics for engagement. After you learn about your audience, it is time for juicy entertainment! Do not let them get bored. Remember to keep the fine line between entertainment and spam. Entertain, entertain, entertain! Social media is all about entertainment. 

1. Numbers ALWAYS Matter

We live in an age where getting analytics is not an issue of days or months. Computers do the job for us. So, all you need to do is keep your eye on your numbers and insights. 

Understanding your fanbase’s behaviors will allow you to forever improve your campaign performance. Optimizing is a daily process. Most insights are updated every 24 hours if not in real-time. This means you can actually improve and tweak your campaign every single day. By doing this consistently over a span of time, you will realize that fan engagement keeps getting better. 

2. Stories NEVER Fail to Engage 

Fans like it when you share your stories. Some fans will relate more to your story at the core rather than your music. This does not mean your music stops mattering. It actually means that you have to start paying more attention to how your fans perceive you and your brand. Build rapport with your audience and do that by sharing your stories on a day to day basis by being open and transparent. Always remember to entertain the viewer!

Remember not to be repetitive with the types of stories you post. Creativity and diversity are key to entertaining with stories on social media. Here are some basic ideas: 

  • The best part of your day
  • Morning coffee or tea
  • Selfie
  • Outdoor drive
  • Lunchtime 
  • Time out with friends, family or colleagues
  • Art
  • Skyline or any scenery
  • Adventure or road trip
  • Your pet
  • Motivational quote
  • Throwback shots

Advanced ideas: 

  • Answer questions 
  • Takeover another account and share what’s happening during your day
  • Host a contest 
  • Show how something is made: food, craft 
  • Share behind the scenes recording, studio or writing sessions
  • Feature other accounts and trade exposure 
  • Teach your followers something 
  • Ask for suggestions
  • Poll your followers
  • Promote using the swipe up
  • Provide a sneak peek of a new release
  • Share your location 
  • Offer a discount, and exclusivity
  • Start a series
  • Highlight your stories

3. Focus on Community (Tribe Building)

Community or tribe building takes time. In fact, even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said “All overnight success takes about 10 years.”

The essential part of communication with your community is realizing and showing to your fans that it is not just about what you care, but also the ideas and values that you share with them. Attracting a fanbase on social media is like matchmaking. More than 90% of fans will follow accounts they can relate or look up to. 

To maintain your relationship, consider the following big 3: 

  • Learn about your audience very well. 
  • Connect to people from diverse backgrounds and make them part of your community. This spikes your reach, which is very good for high engagement. 
  • Collaborate with other accounts, influencers, or musicians from various communities.

To conclude, here’s a final thing to consider. If you properly set up your ad accounts and target audience, monitor engagement and optimize on a day to day basis, tweak, improve and polish your message, you will definitely attract a big number of fans. From here, remind yourself that there’s another person behind a screen in a real-world with real feelings trying to understand you, your brand, your music, and your message. Make things easy for them, be available, communicate properly, build chemistry, always be polite and entertain. The stakes are much higher than they get addicted to your content and keep coming back for more if you do the above.

To get a better idea on how to schedule all of the above, to post at the right times, and engage with third party audiences to build a fandom on social media, head to our blog section, and learn more about the latest music promotion trends.

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