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A New & Metamorphosed Life for Musicians During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As the pandemic takes hold across the globe, many businesses, including the music industry, are getting crushed and have paused all future activities. A relentless destroyer of all organizations has resulted in public health officials to warn against in-person communication. However, the coronavirus is boosting nearly everything that can be done online or with minimal human contact. Online lectures, take-out food, grocery deliveries, streaming concerts, even real-estate escrows done with online notaries.

As a result, economists report that it is likely that all sectors will face dramatic downcomings in local retail and dining options, millions of jobs will disappear and the wealthy companies who do much of their business online will extend their gains. However, telecommuting, online education and music streaming have grown immensely. Specifically, this sudden outbreak is allowing musicians to become even more social than before by using digital platforms to grow their fanbase. Since there has been an ample amount of negativity surfacing the web these past few months, MusicPromoToday is here to shed a light on how you can build your tribe and engage in digital music marketing during your time in quarantine. 

We all know and heard, on multiple accounts, that all concerts and music festivals have been canceled. Yes, it’s sad, and we’ve all experienced our fair share of disappointment and heartache. But we can’t sit in a dark and cold room in a fetal position crying about these unforeseen changes in events. It’s time to put on our creativity caps and reawaken our innovative selves. So where do you begin? What can you, as an artist, do to not lose your buzz and on top of that, revive a more loyal fanbase? Well, we’ve gathered for you some insight from different artists that will be a game changer for your music career.

It’s not always that your favorite singers and bands will put on a show live from their living room. However, artists like John Legend, Bono, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Pink, John Mayer, Keith Urban and more are doing just that. 


5 Ways To Promote Your Music During The Pandemic


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    In a recent talk with The Associated Press, Legend expressed, “This is a cool way to connect with people and make them feel some kind of love and intimacy and connection, even though they have to be stuck at home.” He added, just like the rest of the world, musicians, artists and entertainers are also unable to leave their homes. Having virtual concerts give them the ability to stay in touch with their fans and show them some love during times like this where stress and anxiety is very high. When people are stuck at home, they want to consume music and content online and artists can provide just that. Artists can have conversations with their fans during these live performances and get really personal with their audience members. Especially during times like this, it’s important to show your fanbase that you care about them by providing valuable content for them to consume.

    Another thing artists can do is simply release music. If you’re sitting on a track right now, waiting for a sign because you are unsure if it’s the right moment to release it, here is your sign. RELEASE THAT SONG YOU’VE WORKED SO HARD ON! Right now, you have all the time to market the track in a correct manner by digital marketing. You can do a Spotify artist submission, pitch it to the media, as well as offer this new track to your audience. It goes to show that you are not holding back by releasing it later on so it can do really well. By releasing it now, you are actually doing yourself a favor. Your main goal should be to benefit your fans because in the long run, you will be benefiting yourself. This will cause you to get streams and have fan engagement long term with your tribe.

    Miley Cyrus has launched a daily Instagram live talk show called “Bright Minded: Live with Miley” (2:30 p.m. Eastern) to provide some positive and comforting vibes for those who tune it. By doing so, she goes to show that she is there for her fans and creates engagement with her tribe. They can ask her questions and she can personally acknowledge their thoughts and concerns which in the long run will benefit her career. When this is all over, fans will remember how Miley sat in front of her telephone screen on a daily basis and provided support, love and care for them when they needed it the most! 

    Sam Nelson Harris expressed that this experience has been traumatic, stressful and chaotic. And as he is learning to navigate around it, he’s hoping to give his fans a cool experience from home. “I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my use of Instagram and I haven’t posted a single TikTok video, but I got all this time now to really figure out how to interact with it in a way that’s genuine for me. And because I really do want to reach out to our fans and to people who have not been able to come see us because of cancellations that we had to make during the pandemic,” said Harris, who has posted live performances directly from his home on Instagram this week.

    Music is what gets us through hard times. Now, more than ever, artists should be doing their best to be there for their fans while focusing on their craft and releasing it for the ones who are always there for them. In addition, as you digitally market your music now, you will also be benefiting yourself in the long run by gaining more streams and loyalty. There’s no better time than now to support and show love to your wonderful fans! Remember, we will get through this, together. 

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