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7 Misconceptions About Music Publicity and Publicists: Top Music PR Tips

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Evidently, publicity is something any artist needs!

Throughout the years, it’s become something essential and so important to have in the kit of artistry as well as one of the most confounding elements in promotional campaigns. Publicity is not tangible nor can it be measured in numbers, stats, data, dollar signs, tickets, or record sales. However, all artists swear oath by it! Due to the murky nature of the publicity field, many misconceptions have risen throughout the years. MusicPromoToday has gathered seven it does and doesn’t do, and why you still need it as an artist regardless of it all 

1. It’s not quantifiable

You cannot measure publicity. Publicity won’t promise you an x amount of sold records but it does build your overall career and story. Although it’s not numerically quantifiable, it ultimately is priceless. A publicist is tailored and specifically trained to educate the media about your existence and that is something you cannot measure. 

2. Publicity doesn’t mean dealing with your wonderful fans

There often seems to be a misunderstandment and misleading expression with the term public relations. Public relations is not dealing with the public. It’s more about understanding the public perception as advanced by the press. It essentially means to be the inbetween, the link and bridge between the artist and the media. 

3. A positively written press doesn’t mean you’re friends with a writer 

An editor or press writer has a job to do. Even if they are nice to you, stay in touch, discuss different angles of interviews and submit a wonderful piece of written gold, remember they’re not your friends. They have one job to do and that’s to get the story out first!  

4. Good press doesn’t guarantee instant fan reaction

Many artists get solid press, however that doesn’t mean they will instantly become famous, have sales, or gain fans quickly. That is due to the lack of impressions being made. You won’t gain that exposure with just one press release. You need to have more, create more and ultimately be more! This includes your live show, your marketing, and other areas – not just your press. Once the media is familiar with you and repeating its coverage, fans will follow.

5. All press is good press – except when it isn’t

Sure, in some cases, bad press can be a good thing. It tends to keep your name in the media which can be a good thing. However, if the bad press is something like you were caught cheating with your sister’s boyfriend, dealing with that will be a headache for both you and your publicity team. Not only does it require a lot of energy to deal with the crisis, it also takes away from the attention being on your music and you don’t wanna be there!  

6. Press is a large machine 

Press has become the largest part of the publicity machine. Along with radio promotion and other marketing strategies, marketers will tell you that the stronger your press is the wider of an audience your music will reach. The publicity element is usually the epicenter in a solid press kit which can also lead to a larger interest and exposure. This also applies to marketing and endorsements. Your press coverage is the front line of defense. Each opportunity you get can be incorporated to press! 

7. Publicity is not always glitz, glam, and red carpets 

When you do press, this usually means you are doing a lot of rote interviews and majority of the time will get asked the same question from different journalists. Yes, there will be a lot of repeated activity and you might get bored, but you have to think of new and interesting ways to answer these questions. You’d need to do some media training with your publicist to help you with the more difficult questions. Make sure to be creative!  

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