Posted on February 25, 2023 | By Barbara Drews

3 Ways To Book An Artist For An Event

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Whether you’re planning something social, formal, or intimate, you’re bound to eventually run into an instance where you need to book a performance artist for an event. The kind of artist you’re looking for, the venue size, and the event type can all play a factor in the booking process.

Once you’ve determined who you plan on booking, or at least have gathered an idea, the next step is to figure out how to book them. Luckily, the process is usually less gruelling than you’d think, and as long as you use the right strategy, contacting the artist can be pretty straightforward. Since the process isn’t one-size-fits-all, here are the three best ways to book an artist for an event.

Book Through An Agency

In case you’re unfamiliar, an agency is essentially a company that represents an artist. Typically, an agency is where you’ll have the best luck in booking some of the more prominent names in the industry. They also usually have a roster of their represented artists for your convenience.

Booking through an agency is very straightforward, so many opt for this method. They handle all logistics, contract negotiation, payment, and direct communication with the artist. You sit back and let the professionals handle the fine details.

That said, an agency’s expert services come with an expert-level price range. Make sure you have realistic expectations regarding fees, but stay on guard and look out for potential scams or non-reputable agencies.

Using An Online Platform

There are several online platforms dedicated to booking services. These platforms are known to have many local artists to choose from and also have very user-friendly interfaces for booking and payment. 

There are a lot of specific advantages to using these kinds of platforms. Because of their variety of artists, they’re especially nice when you need to book someone local and don’t have anyone in particular in mind yet. The pricing on the bookings is usually directly listed and very transparent, and they also come with customer support in case of any issues.

If you use one of these platforms, remember that the artists’ quality may vary, and it can be hard to judge talent by seeing a few photos. Make sure to do some additional outside research before you book someone. Also, always keep an eye out for any hidden or extra fees to make sure that you’re getting the fairest deal possible.

Contacting An Artist Directly

Using an agency sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes people overlook a good old-fashioned conversation. You can peruse the social media accounts of the artist in question and send an inquiry to their email or inbox about booking information. Even if they don’t give you the answer you want, you can probably find the next step, like their agent’s information.

Since there’s no middleman when you connect directly to the artist, this method will typically guarantee the fewest fees and general hoops to jump through. There’s also the added bonus of personability and the opportunity to create a real relationship with the artist.

This manner of contact can sometimes be hit-or-miss and has a higher success rate with local artists. If you have a more prominent, busier artist in mind, there’s a chance they will deny or flat-out ignore your message. Still, if you approach them respectfully and are clear about your request during the first message, you have a solid shot at booking using this method.

There’s No Single Perfect Booking Option
Though these booking methods are all somewhat different, one doesn’t stand out among the rest as the best. They are all equally successful and depend on what you want in an artist. If you seem to find little success using one method, try switching things up with something new! Eventually, with enough hard work, you’ll be sure to find the perfect artist for your next event.

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