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    My name is Anto Dotcom and I want to show you what this music challenge is all about & give you the blueprint to increasing your 💰 if marketing your music properly in just a few months! Here are a few of my publications on Forbes and a few of my articles on the MPT Agency blog by the way. 

    To do this you need MASSIVE GOALS and to follow them with MASSIVE ACTIONS.

    Whether you just started recording a single or you already dropped an EP 2 years ago… I know that might seem overwhelming, especially with everything going on right now but I’m going to show you the right way to build a successful music career and generate income once you join 100X Music Challenge. 

    It’s free for a limited time and a limited amount of artists. The challenge is open for singers, songwriters, producers, solo artists and bands. 

    Over the course of 7 days, you and I, along with the 100X Nation of hundreds of thousands of artists from around the world will push ourselves to our limits and then break through them to…


    MPT Agency co-founder Raffi Keuhnelian and surprise music industry guests will be joining a few of our webinars. You weren’t born to be average so it’s time to leave it behind! It’s time for you to step outside of your comfort zone… IT’S TIME TO 100X!

    Just give me an hour a day for 7 different days and I will help you realize that YOU CAN SUCCEED in music and in life regardless of where you are today, the competition, the saturation and everyone’s opinion. There are thousands of artists in the world that took advantage of this program in the last 15 years. For the first time ever and for a limited time, this November, we decided to do it all for free. The only thing stopping YOU from being one of them is your current mindset.

    During my LIVE 100X Challenge I’m going to show you how to conquer that mindset, set your goals, and then create a plan for achieving them no matter how outrageous they seem, even if it’s building an industry-dominating career that creates wealth and freedom for you, even if you don’t have a manager or a record label deal.