Posted on May 30, 2022 | By Yvonne Martin

10 Things You Should Do As Soon As You Sign Up for Music Distribution

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You don’t want your new single to only be available on Spotify and Apple Music when you release it. You want people to care. Every new release should be a stepping stone in your career, allowing you to reach more audiences and earn more royalties. 

It’s time to advertise and market your new tunes!

  1. Claim Your Artist Profile On Streaming Platforms

You’ll want to claim and personalize your accounts to create the greatest first impression possible. 

  1. Get Your Spotify Release Radar Placement

This will allow you to add extra music information like genre, mood, and “sounds-like” artists, increasing the likelihood of your music being suggested to the proper listeners.

  1. Upload A Spotify Canvas Before The Release

Canvases have been shown to enhance all types of streaming engagement metrics since we’re driven to graphics.

  1. Market Your Music With Show.co

This will result in growing your Spotify following, drive streams and saves on Spotify, grow your email list, boost YouTube video views, run fan contests, and much more.

  1. Enter Your Lyrics With MusixMatch

Make sure you’re authenticated on MusixMatch, then post your lyrics and sync your words with the audio when your music is ready.

  1. Professionalize Your Music Publishing Rights

You hold the music publishing rights to your songs if you compose original music. A publishing administrator will assist you to put those rights to work.

  1. Monetize Your Music Across Social Media Platforms

By doing so, you’ll get paid for the use of your song in videos on those sites, even if they were made or posted by others.

  1. Register With SoundExchange

If your music is played on the internet or satellite radio, you are due extra digital performance royalties. SoundExchange will collect the funds and distribute them to musicians and performers. 

  1. Refresh Your Web Presence

Update your online presence with new music announcements, new photos, videos, updated bios, and many more. 

  1. Plan To Promote

Prepare as much as you can, as early as you can. 

There’s a lot to accomplish in order to get the most out of your upcoming release. However, if your music hours are limited, these items should offer you a clearer notion of what to focus on.

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