Posted on October 3, 2022

Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

By Shawn Spence
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Do you remember the “quarantine concerts”? Great! In this article, we will discuss them; well in a more professional way that takes into account their digital counterbalance, Instagram Live, — Instagram Lives.

What Is Instagram Live?

The social media juggernaut cornered the live-streaming market with Instagram Live. Instagram Live lets you produce live broadcasts, just like live videos on Periscope, Facebook, and Youtube. You can use Instagram Live to connect with audiences in a variety of ways and get new followers in addition to using it to create broadcasts. 

Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?

One of the finest ways to interact with your fans in a direct, open, and genuine way on Instagram is to go live.

Instagram Live is an entirely unedited broadcast that your followers may watch and interact with, in contrast to pre-recorded Instagram Stories. This can be a terrific method to show your audience the more approachable side of your brand.

That's not all, either. One of Instagram's most participatory video platforms, Instagram Live enables viewers to post comments and inquiries in real-time. This may be a very useful tool for strengthening the bond between your brand and potential followers, enabling you to get insightful feedback directly from the people who matter the most!

Hosting an Instagram Live can also increase your chance to get recognized on the platform. For instance, your followers will receive an in-app notice each time you go live on Instagram, and your Live will be promoted to the top of their feed on Instagram Stories.

With all of this in mind, Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for growing your audience, promoting your brand, and engaging with potential followers.

Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

How to Host a Great Instagram Live

It's simple to blindly push "live" on Instagram and perform a few tracks from your bedroom while wearing your jammies; nevertheless, you might not receive the desired results from that.

Promote Your Instagram Live, Beforehand

To ensure those crucial views, regularly and effectively advertising a forthcoming Instagram Live may make all the difference.  Reminders and countdowns may indeed be shared on Instagram Stories and feed by scheduling a Live.

Inform your audience of what to anticipate during the live broadcast and ask them to post any questions they may have in the comments. Your followers may feel more invested as a result, which will increase their likelihood of tuning in.

Reward Viewers

How can you get your fans to watch every Livestream? Reward them! Give them early notice of a promo code or let them know when a new product will be released. They can get helpful advice from you that they would normally have to pay for if you provide a service or online course.

Livestream When Your Audience Is Most Engaged

One of the simplest strategies to improve your Instagram Lives is to go live during a time when your followers are most engaged.  However, how can you foresee when your audience will be online? Check your Instagram Insights. You can get a breakdown of your followers' online activity by day of the week and time of day under the Audience tab.

Look Into Your Location And Lighting

The location and lighting you choose for your Instagram Live may significantly affect how polished your broadcast seems. Think about how your Instagram Live's backdrop may help promote your brand's message. 

Pro tip: Natural light is always the least expensive (and frequently the best) choice when it comes to lighting.

Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

Plan Your Content Ahead

It's necessary to plan out your Instagram Live broadcast in detail, just like you would with any other video material. A comprehensive strategy will ensure that there are no awkward pauses and that you cover all the essential topics for your agenda.

Considering your live stream as having a beginning, middle, and end is one of the best ways to plan it. It's a good idea to think about the "worst-case scenario" outcomes as well.

Record A Test Video

It's a wonderful idea to test your video and audio if this is your first time hosting a live video session. Look for a basic background with pretty looks that won't detract viewers from your message. Find a place that is quiet to improve the sound quality and reduce the outside noise.

Make a test video once you've identified a great location. Verify the video's sound and lighting conditions. You should practice beforehand to avoid embarrassing yourself during the session. Lastly, don't forget to charge your phone!

Interact With Your Viewers

If you requested questions via a direct message from viewers, be sure to respond to these inquiries! Even though it's a small gesture, it means a lot to your supporters. It's the least you can do considering how they help and promote you.

Summarize Your Session Through A Post

Not all of your devoted fans can access your Instagram Live. Perhaps they reside in a different time zone. Or perhaps they are just overloaded with work or school. So, let them know via a post or Instagram story if you've revealed significant developments during the live session, like a new single or concert. In this manner, people may stay in touch and follow your progress.

Inform them to enable push notifications in the caption so they don't miss the upcoming Instagram Live.

Final Thoughts on Instagram Live

No matter how much you plan, live conversations cannot be predicted. To display your true self to the audience is the goal. So, unwind and be who you are.

You don't always need to say anything motivational or great. Simply speak as though you are conversing with your friends. Keep in mind that how you engage with your audience will affect how your brand expands.
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