Posted on November 3, 2022

TikTok Sets Off To Become Record Labels’ Biggest New Competitor

By John Reynolds
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Record labels have taken a new form and it looks a lot like TikTok. The short-form video-sharing company has plans to increase its share in the marketplace by distributing music for independent emerging artists. Is TikTok The Biggest Competitor?

Music label companies and TikTok have had a pretty rough start and although they’re on good terms amid the multiple revenue-sharing deals, it seems the feud is set to rise again, as the platform wants to expand its dominance in the industry.

The giant labels are aware of TikTok’s power to create chart-topping hits and they wouldn’t miss an opportunity like that to invest their money, especially when they can give potential up-and-coming artists a chance to shine.

But with over one billion users and over 200 million downloads in the US alone, TikTok is slowly paving the way for its expansion, and with the launch of SoundOn, it’s only normal that the traditional record labels feel threatened.

It wasn’t long ago that ByteDance (TikTok's parent company) started up the all-in-one platform for music creators and independent artists, where musicians can hold 100% ownership of their songs and receive 100% of the royalties. All these flexible contractual clauses have made it easier for them to promote their music and reach global audiences. 

Now, it appears that ByteDance is also on the hunt for A&R scouts. Rising to the task of offering all the services of the traditional music business; finding, signing, and marketing artists, TikTok with the support of ByteDance has become a full-circle label company.

According to Murray Stassen (MBW), ByteDance is hiring new A&R managers in LA, NY, Miami, and Toronto. The job description requires candidates to “focus on the US music landscape, to sign and develop artists within the independent music community.”

ByteDance is targeting independent artists by marketing itself as the “#1 partner for artist development, promotion, and monetization.” In addition, TikTok has over 100 new music-related job openings in all parts of the world, including Europe (Germany, France, UK), South America (Brazil), South Africa, and Asia (India). 

Major music and entertainment businesses like The Orchard (Sony Music Publishing subsidiary) will have no choice but to compete with TikTok’s parent company. The tension is already building up between TikTok and Sony Music, as the latter recently pulled its catalog from the music streaming platform Resso (Owned by ByteDance).

Further new restrictions are being set, as substantial businesses are now asking the fast-rising platform to change its licensing deals on a revenue-share basis. If this gets applied, music industry giants, along with the artists, will get paid every time their music is played in a monetized video on TikTok.

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    Posted on October 3, 2022

    Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

    By Shawn Spence
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    Do you remember the “quarantine concerts”? Great! In this article, we will discuss them; well in a more professional way that takes into account their digital counterbalance, Instagram Live, — Instagram Lives.

    What Is Instagram Live?

    The social media juggernaut cornered the live-streaming market with Instagram Live. Instagram Live lets you produce live broadcasts, just like live videos on Periscope, Facebook, and Youtube. You can use Instagram Live to connect with audiences in a variety of ways and get new followers in addition to using it to create broadcasts. 

    Why Should Instagram Live Be Part of Your Strategy?

    One of the finest ways to interact with your fans in a direct, open, and genuine way on Instagram is to go live.

    Instagram Live is an entirely unedited broadcast that your followers may watch and interact with, in contrast to pre-recorded Instagram Stories. This can be a terrific method to show your audience the more approachable side of your brand.

    That's not all, either. One of Instagram's most participatory video platforms, Instagram Live enables viewers to post comments and inquiries in real-time. This may be a very useful tool for strengthening the bond between your brand and potential followers, enabling you to get insightful feedback directly from the people who matter the most!

    Hosting an Instagram Live can also increase your chance to get recognized on the platform. For instance, your followers will receive an in-app notice each time you go live on Instagram, and your Live will be promoted to the top of their feed on Instagram Stories.

    With all of this in mind, Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for growing your audience, promoting your brand, and engaging with potential followers.

    Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

    How to Host a Great Instagram Live

    It's simple to blindly push "live" on Instagram and perform a few tracks from your bedroom while wearing your jammies; nevertheless, you might not receive the desired results from that.

    Promote Your Instagram Live, Beforehand

    To ensure those crucial views, regularly and effectively advertising a forthcoming Instagram Live may make all the difference.  Reminders and countdowns may indeed be shared on Instagram Stories and feed by scheduling a Live.

    Inform your audience of what to anticipate during the live broadcast and ask them to post any questions they may have in the comments. Your followers may feel more invested as a result, which will increase their likelihood of tuning in.

    Reward Viewers

    How can you get your fans to watch every Livestream? Reward them! Give them early notice of a promo code or let them know when a new product will be released. They can get helpful advice from you that they would normally have to pay for if you provide a service or online course.

    Livestream When Your Audience Is Most Engaged

    One of the simplest strategies to improve your Instagram Lives is to go live during a time when your followers are most engaged.  However, how can you foresee when your audience will be online? Check your Instagram Insights. You can get a breakdown of your followers' online activity by day of the week and time of day under the Audience tab.

    Look Into Your Location And Lighting

    The location and lighting you choose for your Instagram Live may significantly affect how polished your broadcast seems. Think about how your Instagram Live's backdrop may help promote your brand's message. 

    Pro tip: Natural light is always the least expensive (and frequently the best) choice when it comes to lighting.

    Instagram Live, The Best Ally For The Music Industry Professional

    Plan Your Content Ahead

    It's necessary to plan out your Instagram Live broadcast in detail, just like you would with any other video material. A comprehensive strategy will ensure that there are no awkward pauses and that you cover all the essential topics for your agenda.

    Considering your live stream as having a beginning, middle, and end is one of the best ways to plan it. It's a good idea to think about the "worst-case scenario" outcomes as well.

    Record A Test Video

    It's a wonderful idea to test your video and audio if this is your first time hosting a live video session. Look for a basic background with pretty looks that won't detract viewers from your message. Find a place that is quiet to improve the sound quality and reduce the outside noise.

    Make a test video once you've identified a great location. Verify the video's sound and lighting conditions. You should practice beforehand to avoid embarrassing yourself during the session. Lastly, don't forget to charge your phone!

    Interact With Your Viewers

    If you requested questions via a direct message from viewers, be sure to respond to these inquiries! Even though it's a small gesture, it means a lot to your supporters. It's the least you can do considering how they help and promote you.

    Summarize Your Session Through A Post

    Not all of your devoted fans can access your Instagram Live. Perhaps they reside in a different time zone. Or perhaps they are just overloaded with work or school. So, let them know via a post or Instagram story if you've revealed significant developments during the live session, like a new single or concert. In this manner, people may stay in touch and follow your progress.

    Inform them to enable push notifications in the caption so they don't miss the upcoming Instagram Live.

    Final Thoughts on Instagram Live

    No matter how much you plan, live conversations cannot be predicted. To display your true self to the audience is the goal. So, unwind and be who you are.

    You don't always need to say anything motivational or great. Simply speak as though you are conversing with your friends. Keep in mind that how you engage with your audience will affect how your brand expands.
    Prominent artists from all over the world benefit from MPT Agency's Instagram promotion since it enables them to concentrate on their content each day while we generate traffic to their accounts. To find out what other services can boost your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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      Posted on September 29, 2022

      The Best Tricks For A Musician’s Powerful TikTok Campaign

      By Barbara Drews
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      How to make a powerful TikTok campaign? TikTok has had a remarkable growth spurt; last year, it attracted its 1 billionth user, considerably earlier than either Facebook or Instagram had. Whatever way you look at it, TikTok is here to stay, and artists would be wise to make TikTok a key component of their marketing and social media plan for 2022. 

      powerful TikTok Campaign

      What Is TikTok?

      For those who are unfamiliar, TikTok marketing campaign is a social networking site that allows users to publish videos. The Chinese-owned platform, in contrast to YouTube, is designed for short-form videos that are between 15 and 3 minutes long.

      In its early years, TikTok was well-known for videos of challenges and lip-syncing. In their most innocent and pleasant forms, they were usually content pieces about learning certain dance routines to songs, but they were also hugely controversial.

      The Importance Of TikTok Campaigns

      TikTok videos have millions of views, and the attention they receive from all of those viewers who are interested may lead to some fairly sizable transactions. 

      Since so many users may record themselves dancing to your song on the site, TikTok's fondness for dance-based challenges makes it especially alluring to musicians for the royalties alone.

      How To Nail Your TikTok Music Campaign

      We like to approach TikTok music campaigns in the following ways:

      Follow Other Musicians

      You may signal to the TikTok algorithm that you're interested in finding ways to market your music by following artists in your niche. Your choices are taken into account when the For You page (fyp) algorithm changes. It will start displaying videos for your convenience.

      Decide Your TikTok Personality to build a powerful TikTok Campaign

      Consider the sort of appearance you want to project since you want to be easily recognizable. This is something you'd contemplate when performing, so it only makes sense to do the same for your TikTok audience.

      Settle On A Hook

      Consider which section of your music would be a fitting cue for a video. It might be that the beat is ideal for a dance routine or that the words are relevant. It may loop nicely. Clue: it’s not always the chorus.

      Make A Discovery Plan

      To ensure you're directing TikTok traffic as efficiently as possible, optimize your profile and include any pertinent links to your bio.

      Pay Creators to have a powerful TikTok Campaign

      Deals for song promotions between influencers and music marketers have grown to be a significant source of money for TikTok producers. When promoting a song by an artist, some people may make hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a single video.


      Marketers are increasingly using micro-influencers rather than big-name celebrities for song promotions as TikTok's user base has increased and the content industry has gotten more crowded.

      TikTok Music Challenges

      There’s always a new challenge coming through the For You Page. Use it for your benefit. Join the challenge. Or simply, make your challenge. A short dance on your song!

      Exclusive Events With TikTok Creators

      To promote a song before it is released, some artists and labels collaborate with TikTok's staff to conduct secret listening sessions with creators. When Miley Cyrus was getting ready to release her single "Midnight Sky" in the summer of 2020, her team worked with TikTok to arrange two secret Zoom conversations with about 15 creators so they could hear the song in advance.

      Last Words Of Advice for creating a powerful TikTok Campaign

      Undoubtedly, TikTok is the inspiration for several viral successes, so if you're trying to promote your music online, you can't afford to ignore the platform's popularity. MPT Agency specializes in using TikTok to promote and distribute new music to the right audience. To find out what other services can enhance your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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        Posted on September 12, 2022

        The Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing For Musicians

        By Yvonne Martin
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        How does one define the ultimate guide to influencer marketing? To level the playing field in the music business today is more of an architectural development than anything. It is simpler than ever to produce an album or a single in your bedroom, submit it to the internet, and encourage interaction on social media. 

        It also enables musicians to use influencer marketing. Not only the internet, but all technology is to blame for this. 

        Naturally, the internet allows influencers to advertise music to millions of prospective followers worldwide through their social media platforms.

        The disadvantage of the simplicity of recording and sharing music is that everyone will be able to do it. How can you make your song stand out from all the others and be heard in the crowd? 

        That is indeed a difficulty, but there are tools available to assist you. For musicians, one such method is Influencer Marketing.

        Does it seem interesting to you? So, consider this your formal invitation to join the influencer marketing renaissance. 

        All aboard!

        What Does Influencer Marketing For Music Look Like?

        One of the largest emerging trends that independent musicians may currently include in their social media marketing plan is influencer marketing. 

        A so-called "influencer" is used to promote a good, service, or brand in influencer marketing, a kind of social media advertising. When employing influencer marketing, it's important to consider the influencer's account's emphasis and how their audience's interests relate to your brand.

        It's not surprising that influencers have a significant effect on what music is popular and, by extension, what isn't in a world where social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are the primary tastemakers for new music.

        Particularly in the music industry, the development of influencer marketing has helped new musicians gain massive fan bases, generate buzz for their songs, and become overnight sensations. 

        Influencers may share your music with their audience in several different ways. They could come up to you and want to listen to your music. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, usually emphasizes organized collaborations in which you've had some input. They might:

        • Review or get live feedback on your music
        • Incorporate your music into a video's backdrop.
        • Put a caption about your music.

        How To Use Influencer Marketing As A Musician?

        If done properly, influencer marketing is a terrific tool in a musician's marketing toolbox. It's better to get started by learning how to utilize it to create the greatest campaign you can.

        Do Extensive Research

        The most crucial phase of any marketing plan is research. You need to understand how to locate affiliates and how to recognize the top affiliates for your brand at the start of your influencer marketing journey. 

        For instance:

        • Select your influencers
        • Know the influencer’s content
        • Know their services
        • Know their values
        • And most importantly, know your goals

        Broaden Your Platforms

        Instagram is sometimes referred to be the influencers' social media network, and it is undoubtedly well-liked by some groups of individuals. Influencers are not just present on one site, though!

        Depending on your objectives, you may find that the increasingly popular video influencer platforms Youtube and Tiktok are more suited for artists. For instance, a well-known TikTok creator may include your music in a video to make it a trend, which might be more successful than a silent Instagram post.

        Plan Your Budget

        Influencer marketing often entails payment in exchange for your influencer's services, just like any other marketing campaign.

        Relevance to your niche or genre is more crucial than audience growth. This should be reflected in your budget, which should be based on the influencer's price which is most likely to have an impact rather than their popularity.

        Your team finance strategy must be effective and include a backup plan for extra services that can be useful to you, such as giveaways.

        Stay In Control

        There are occasions when marketing campaigns don't go as expected. This is just the way business works; it doesn't mean your campaign was a failure; it just means you may use it to your advantage moving forward.

        You must determine the cause if your campaign doesn't seem to be benefiting your brand. 

        Regression testing is one method you may use to do that. Define regression testing then. 

        Regression testing allows you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of particular campaign components without changing the elements of your campaign that are already successful.

        Make sure to have a positive working relationship, and never forget to consult your affiliate partners before making significant changes to your campaign.

        Which Platforms Work Best For Music Influencer Marketing?


        For creators of any size, becoming viral on TikTok is now a feasible goal thanks to the platform's algorithm. The music industry may target a younger audience that favors music influencers over all other types of influencers at this center for Gen Z.

        The great majority of TikTok's viral moments originate from its Commercial Music Library, which is a collection of more than 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tunes gathered from up-and-coming musicians and prestigious record labels. Each track may be used for advertisements and promotions, and the collection is accessible worldwide.


        Instagram offers a decent collection of tracks that users can use for their Stories and Reels, similar to TikTok. This has shown to be an effective strategy for artists to engage audiences and introduce them to fresh talent. In addition, short videos with music might help your content be noticed given Instagram's new focus on Reel content.


        YouTube developed YouTube Shorts in 2021 as its own short-form vertical format to keep pace with TikTok and Instagram Reels. Users may utilize Shorts to be able to produce content that resembles the viral trends on TikTok and Instagram by selecting music snippets from among the millions of videos posted on the platform.

        Although Reels and TikTok videos are more well-known than Shorts, YouTube remains the best option for people who want access to a wider variety of music.


        Twitch is typically associated with live gaming broadcasts, but it's also a platform where musicians can share their work, grow a fanbase, and interact with their followers.

        As all live performances and events were put on hold due to the pandemic, Twitch's popularity among musicians skyrocketed. To organize virtual shows, conduct Q&As, and showcase their most recent albums, many musicians turned to the streaming site as a consequence.

        However, those who work in the music industry also utilize Twitch as a method to play video games after work. Regular users of the platform, artists like Post Malone and T-Pain have taken advantage of it to reach a larger audience.

        Key Takeaway

        Use music influencer marketing to capitalize on the biggest trends on social media.

        The simplest method to add personality to your content on social media is to include music in your posts. And in the music industry, collaborating with creators might be the secret to expanding your audience and propelling your brand and merchandise to the top of the charts.

        Final Thoughts

        MPT Agency strives to develop your brand's online presence and can help you spread the word about your music and increase your fan base.

        To find out what other services can enhance your musical career, make sure you check our blog regularly and follow us on Instagram for more music marketing-related updates.

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