Playlists, every student’s best friend. They are the cornerstone of the modern music industry’s distribution cycle, and where your sound needs to get to first.

But before you jump on the saddle, there is an entire prep cycle to consider, and Music Promo Today is by your side every step of the way.Don’t be tempted to buy views and work with shady bot playlisters.

Music promo today provides quality services that develop proper traction for your music, on air, online, and on paper, you need it, we got it.

Spotify Playlist

Spotify is the most important streaming service in the world today. Millions of people listen every day and millions more sign up to post their music and strive towards stardom. 

As of 2021, Spotify has dished out over 30 Billion dollars in Royalties to artists. There is no contesting that your music needs to be present on Spotify. So what are you waiting for ? 

Let Music Promo today strategically place and push the music to the right playlists, so you don’t have to figure out which of the 4 billion playlists is right for you. 

Get started here – check out our blogs on the spotify ecosystem



Syndicated PR is the most efficient form of distribution today. It allows you as an artist to simultaneously reach hundreds of outlets that are targeted to your genre, subgroup, fanbase and geographic zones. 

Using it for articles, music features, premieres and press releases we leverage our network capacity and experience to offer what no other independent syndication platform can.

On Air

Radio is far from dead, playlists have not replaced the most accessible form of entertainment on the planet. 

Approaching a radio station can be a daunting task for an artist, finding the right person, writing the right pitch, and making a compelling argument for your own music. 

Get your media presence on point. Be featured in interviews, have your music ringing on highways around the world and get your name out the old fashion way. Interviews, features, shout outs, and sponsorships, all this and more with Music Promo Today.


Your public image is dependent on the totality of your representation online. Blogs, no matter what many may think, are the highways that connect all keywords, tags and ideas together. 

Blogs make an artist climb the internet ladder and build incontestable authority in their network. With our team of over 100 contributors Music Promo Today creates novel articles, interviews, profiles, track and album reviews and shares them across thousands of global media outlets. 

So who are you ? What story does your music tell? Fill up the form here and let’s get you started with a series of publications ! 

Digital Radio

There are over 30 000 online radio stations, 140 on sirius xm, over 1000 across the Iheart network and thousands more across the digital landscape. 


Let’s set your song up for success, and have it featured across concurrent channels. Scaling your album in different segments of the distribution industry will allow for radical shares, and an omnipresent resonance amongst new listeners. 


With the right digital radio distribution, your song can have presence far beyond the 2 week playlisting conditions of most digital platforms


Event and performance booking is still to date the most lucrative income stream for an artist. It gives your music what it needs most, a stage, and gives you the artist the opportunity to impress, enthral and give your fans the most personal experience they can feel. 

Booking agencies will take you down a circuit, labels will plug you into their existing tours, but Music Promo Today will find you the exact places you need to be and link your performance to the totality of your brand identity strategy. 

Your performance is not a one-off spectacle, it is the moment you as an artist will have the chance to reach deep down into the very soul of the listener and show them what your music is all about.

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