The Secret Strategy to Increase Your Soundcloud Exposure

With over 200 million tracks uploaded by artists from all around the world, SoundCloud has become a great place for audiophiles to listen to music they wouldn't find anywhere else.

The competition is harsh, but there is a way to break through the noise!

Have you heard about Playlist Grouping?

It's an extremely simple and effective method to boost your SoundCloud plays and reach your target audience.

What is Playlist Grouping?

In simple words, Playlist Grouping is a way to create a playlist that can help you gain more exposure.

It works by blending newly released songs of top musicians with tracks recorded by beginning artists who want to boost their streams.

How Playlist Grouping Works?

To successfully use this method you need to be updated with what’s going on in the music industry, especially within your genre.

Follow top artists within your genre Check out new releases of major labels.
Stay updated with music magazines that announce the hottest premieres.

Once a mainstream artist’s single is released and you see it going viral, create a playlist on your SoundCloud profile.

For instance, if you’re a rapper, and A$AP Rocky releases “Babushka Boi”, you build a playlist that includes this track as fast as possible, and add your own record right underneath it!

Wrap up ..

Be aware that ‘Playlist Grouping’ works most efficiently only when top tracks are released, so be quick and keep yourself up to date with new releases, top charts and the mainstream media. ​

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