Price $50000

Viral Single Launch

Contact & submit your music to MPT Agency for consideration for the viral single campaign here.  

FACT: 9 out of 10 brands are using some form of influencer marketing. 

In today’s era, TikTok has become more important than Instagram. 

Verified stats say: 33% of millennials trust and listen to influencers when it comes to trendsetting, consuming products, content and listening to new music. Only 1% of millennials trust advertisements. 

This campaign leverages influencers on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram to take your single viral. Heres’ what you get: 

1- A strong pre-save campaign;
2- A powerful post-release campaign;
3- 2-5M reach on Spotify and YouTube;
4- Top-tier media coverage including on-air and written interviews; 
5- High-end magazine or blog premiere;
6- Social media consultation and branding; 
7- Artist Instagram Verification submission;
8- Wikipedia page creation (if applicable);
9- TikTok and influencer campaign reach; 35M +
10- 10% is allocated to advertise Spotify and/or YouTube;
11- Weekly updates and call follow-ups.

Launch a Powerful Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Next Single

Want to hit the Billboard Charts?

This two-month journey amplifies your music release(s) leveraging today’s most important and highly-engaging social media influencers. Lean on the power of our influencer network and watch your next release moving quickly. 


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