Price $50

Get a Virtual Publicist

Tired of hearing that most music marketing and music PR companies charge thousands of dollars to promote a new EP, album or even a solo single? 

Tired of waiting a few days for a basic press release or even a press blast? 

Tired of looking around for the contacts of the best blogs with the best reach out there? 

After 5+ years of hard-work, MPT Agency is releasing an affordable product: The ‘Virtual Publicist’. 

What is the ‘Virtual Publicist’? 

Virtual Publicist a.k.a. VP is your new go-to publicist, your virtual manager.

An all-in-one artificially intelligent dashboard that will allow you to find the contacts and reach out to the world of media, radios, booking, labels to get your music heard. Most of the best and most reputable bloggers, music outlets, Radio Stations, TV Stations, all of them will be in there. 

This product will allow you to network and pitch to: 

• Bloggers, editors, music journalists
• Radio stations
• Booking Agencies
• A&Rs and Label Executives
• TikTok Influencers
• Instagram and YouTube Influencers and many more….

When is it dropping?

Virtual Publicist will available for use as of early February, to a limited amount of artists, maximum 100. 

How much will it cost?

Plans will cost from $50 to $250 per month for a Virtual Publicist. 

Early-bird sign ups, first 100 artists will get the $250/mo. plan for $50/mo. for life.

ONLY 100 artists will get this level of discount. 

How many contacts will the Virtual Publicist have?

The Virtual Publicist will have over 500 000 contacts including bloggers, journalists, booking agents, radio contacts, influencers and a lot more that you will be able to target. 

How can I learn how to best use it to see results?

Early-bird signups will get a complimentary 20 minute demo session when booking. 

Only 15 spots are available for a demo as of January 31, 2023! ACT FAST!

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