Price $5000/month

Press & Social Media Growth

MPT Agency, a trusted leader in music marketing, offers its high-net worth audience access only in this press and social media campaign. A bespoke campaign for all things pertaining to getting artists global exposure and making a statement with their music release. 

With a strong digital presence in key markets, MPT Agency has built a powerful list of affluent media contacts, bloggers and journalists that are ready to talk about you on their own premiere platforms. 


With this offer, you will get placements, reviews within the first 72 hours. 

Campaign starts with a press release, an EPK creation and an artist biography creation (day 1-2). A premiere/ feature story goes live as of day 3.

The Art of Building Fandom.
But also monetizing it.

This campaign delivers optimal and best results when ran for 3 months. Client can choose to run it for one month or two if preferred. 

The campaign includes a creative director engagement for graphics, short clip creation, visual assets and ad creation for your social media pages. 

The campaign helps build a powerful global presence leveraging the ‘elite’ of our list of high net-worth media contacts: top-tier press, playlisters, influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Spotify.

Grow a Fanbase
Engage With Your Fans
Know who to Advertise
Understand Your Audience

This plan is great to kickoff and build a social media presence.

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