Price $15000/month

Top Press & Social Media Growth

Get your music in front of the fans that matter with this 60-day viral campaign.

This campaign is ideal to share your unique story with the world through a series of releases, an EP or a full album. 

The plan includes: 

1- Digital press
2- Interviews – on-air and written;
3- Top tier media coverage;
4- Artist branding;
5- Social media consultation, maintenance, calendars and tribe building;
6- Advertising; 20% of your spend;
7- Wikipedia and Instagram verification submission;
8- Campaign Reach: 10M+ across digital streaming platforms over 60 days;
9- Pre-save and post-release viral planning; 
10- Submission to Mediabase and radio campaigns: satellite, college, commercial;
11- Submission to Billboard charts;
12- Weekly reporting and calls.

Contact & submit your music to MPT Agency for consideration for the album launch campaign here.  

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