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music video marketing services to independent and mainstream artists of all genres. Our online music marketing promotion brings you new fans and spikes your number of followers, making your music videos go viral.

We’ve promoted more than 719 videos!

From billboard-charting singles to YouTube Top Views, we have promoted more than 719 music videos to date. We work with a wide range of top-tier media outlets that showcase the latest and the greatest in music videos, and the next one could be by you!

Music Video Distribution

We work with the best broadcasting networks from television and radio to digital venues. We work with our artists to establish a presence on high-profile networks, building star power in the process. MusicPromoToday can help you break into the industry without breaking a sweat.


Media Viral Music Video Campaigns

MusicPromoToday experts have the seasoned know-how to create massive social media engagement for our artists, garnering them a global reach and the power to go viral with a video. Let us strategize and deliver fresh and exciting content that your followers will want to share while you create the tunes to keep them coming back for more.You can rest assured knowing that we are engaging audiences, learning their interests and behaviors in the process, so that we can produce even more can’t-get-enough content to appeal to their expectations and interests. Explore our case studies for more details.

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