a professional brand

MusicPromoToday works with you to build an image that fully captures your unique style and brand. We carefully and strategically conceptualize an online presence that reflects who you are as an artist. Once we’ve tailor-made a powerful personalized voice that embodies your creative personality, we use our SEO, social media and PR savvy team to conceive and execute innovative promotional campaigns that will garner you attention from industry leaders, influencers as well as your target audience. The result: attracting a growing number of new fans and followers while making a name for yourself in the industry. Our goal is to build you a strong core.


industry-leading client roster

Through promotional strategies, social media savvy, and targeted PR and media techniques, MusicPromoToday has helped the top players in the music industry reach even greater heights. Don’t believe us? Just ask Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera and a variety of who’s who of international DJs and writers. Our client list has collectively topped the charts hundreds of times, won numerous GRAMMYs and received billions of YouTube views. With over a decade’s experience taking independent and new artists from obscurity to household recognition, MusicPromoToday ensures your brand, image and talent development will be supported by an unparalleled team of experts. Why do we do it? So you can focus on what really matters: the music.