There is a reason why the red carpet of the Grammys looks like a circus on parade. From Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress to Ceelo Green’s golden homage to a Ferrero Rocher, it is visual proof that the music industry is built on publicity.

With so much competition, record labels push artists to do anything to get media attention. Any press is good press, right? Wrong. You should be in control of the narrative and reputation — and we can help with that.

MusicPromoToday has been in the digital publicity business for over a decade. We have built an international media network with over half a million contacts ranging from editors to radio DJs to bloggers and influencers. We know the people who can get you where you need to be talked about, from the biggest outlets specific to niche publications specific to your genre.

We also know influencers have never been more powerful and profitable. That’s why we take digital publicity beyond press releases and media relations to create influencer campaigns targeted to your area and audience. We don’t just look at follower numbers — we collaborate with superstars who will get their followers to follow you.

It’s not just about creating buzz — it’s about cutting through the noise. Our digital publicity strategy harnesses data and industry trends to get your message into the ears and mouths of the people fans are listening to.

We also know that if you truly want to control the narrative, you should write it yourself. That’s why we create content like blog posts,journalistic articles and social media posts. Calling on our knowledge of digital publicity and data, we know how to word pieces exactly to get noticed not only by your audience, but by search engines like Google.

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