Digital marketing in music means something different to many people. Is it leaking your album to the blogs before its release date, like Beyonce? Is it building up a massive following on social media like Drake? Or is it turning your tour merch into the most coveted fashion items like Kanye West and Justin Bieber?

Well, it is all of those things — and more. At MusicPromoToday, we have over a decade of experience in digital marketing and we have learned much from our successes. Perhaps the most important thing we have discovered is there isn’t ever a right way of doing things.

That is why each of our digital marketing online campaigns is bespoke. For some labels who focus on singles, that means getting them more streams than album sales. Others may have a bigger budget and we can craft them a cohesive ad buy and media plan.

Our international network allows us to call upon team members with the skills needed for any campaign. Global success requires a global perspective, and we do not limit ourselves with geography. Our media connections extend to editors, bloggers and influencers at every level and outlet. We will work with the people who can you present in the market of your choice.

What truly sets us apart is data. While music may be art, we see digital marketing as a science. We have access to the top industry information and trends to not only understand the current landscape, but predict the next step. Data informs our digital marketing decisions and will creatively connect your campaign with your target audience. How? We know where they are, what they are doing and what they want to see — and hear.

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