We live in a visual world. For those in the music industry, it’s not just about sounding good — it’s about looking good. Mobile technology and social media connect images with audiences constantly, and a poor performance on Instagram can be more damaging than anything that happens on stage.

Ultimately, it is about connecting with fans. Audiences are looking for visual cues that they align with. It is no mistake that superstars like Celine Dion and Zendaya work with stylists like Law Roach to curate their fashion. Nor is it that the most powerful names in the music industry tend to have massive Instagram followings. Need proof? Rihanna, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber all have tens of millions of followers.

They know their image is their brand. A brand isn’t born overnight though. It takes a team like MusicPromoToday to make a visual identity happen. It should be like a fingerprint or signature — a unique stamp that people immediately associate with an artist and only that artist.

We do more than design: we harness over a decade’s experience in digital strategy to build brands in a way that will resonate. From colours to names to logos and overall visual presence, we have the entire style guide covered. But anybody can make an artist look great. What makes us truly different —and disruptive— is music marketing data.

We transform information into innovation and creation. As one of the most essential elements of digital marketing, we employ music marketing data and research to ensure artists look the way they are supposed to. We don’t pick a random colour and assign it — we pour over industry reports to see what shade audiences are responding to best. That’s not to say we are reactive to trends though. We are setting them. And then we monitor and adjust as needed.

It’s not about being loud — it’s about standing out from the crowd!


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