Campaign Overview:

MAR, one of 2022’s most prominent rising talents, started off 2023 with 2 huge releases that built on top of her unique brand building campaign with MPT Agency. Debuting her career with the smash hit “Quédate”, MPT Agency provided a 360 campaign that included:

  • Social media management
  • A full build up of her music pr assets, featured stories, pr placements
  • TikTok influencer campaign – more than 250 videos from various influencers
  • Press & media outreach
  • Music video campaign – advertising, fan engagement, monetization of channel
  • Publicity and advertising for her 8 city European Tour 
  • Advertising and OOH across Europe and North America

Following a major successful single debut release with “Quédate“, Mar released 2 more singles: “Calavera” & “Mas Que tu Amiga”. Both became huge hits grossing millions in reach across Spotify, YouTube and many other DSP’s… additionally was featured on a series of Spotify’s coveted Editorial playlists. 

From an early age, MAR developed her skills by taking piano and vocal classes, a training that has also allowed her to show her heart and noble feelings through her compositions: “When we are children, we have the quality of absorbing everything like a sponge. In my case, growing up in a musical environment where I was exposed to concerts, rehearsals, recordings, instruments, etc., was the great magnet and the “call” that encouraged me to start writing songs while taking my classes.”

Officially starting her solo career, MAR assures that “a new era begins in my life, a new chapter in which I am transforming and evolving as a soloist for the first time, and I am ready to embrace the future from this new perspective.”

Throughout her campaign MAR sold out 3 performances in some of the world’s top  venues:

  • Teatro del Verme in Milan
  • The London Palladium
  • The Wizink Cente in Madrid
  • Olympia in Paris
  • The Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion in Tenerife.

Her first single “QUÉDATE” had an overwhelming response, reaching the top of the popularity charts in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries, and her official video exceeded 6+ million views on YouTube in just a few weeks.

October 21, 2022, marks the premiere of “CALAVERA” MAR’s second single, a song that impacted the audience and has not left anyone indifferent due to its powerf melody, MAR’s explosive voice, and the fiery rhythm that accompanies it.

To close 2022, MAR surprised her audience by launching “MÁS QUE TU AMIGA” on December 1st, a song that will surely become a favorite during the holidays and this end of the year, because it’s a new version of one of her father’s, Marco Antonio Solís, ‘classics’.


Quedate – Debut Track:

  1. Over 6 million Views on YouTube
  2. Over 650k streams on Spotify 
  3. Over 1 million views on YouTube for Lyric Videos
  4. Over 100 Spotify Playlist Approvals
  5. Over 100 music blog/ news/ coverage, placements.
  6. Invitee to the Billboard Latin Music Awards
  7. Low Spotify Skip Rate, High Spotify Save Ratio, Massive Increase in Monthly listeners

Calavera Song & Video Campaign:

  1. Over 700k Streams on Spotify
  2. 35% Increase in Monthly listeners
  3. Over 6M+ View across Music Videos – MPT helped optimize music video reach and engagement of audiences
  4. Playlist approvals on Spotify: 100+

Press Features & interviews in:

  • Billboard
  • Grazia
  • Haute Living
  • Hollywood Unlocked
  • Sweet+Sour
  • American Top 40
  • Naluda
  • Rollacoaster
  • ClicheMag
  • Magnetic Magazine
  • Wonderland
  • Lyrical Lemonade
  • HOLR
  • Morning Honey
  • A Book Of
  • Buzz

Radio Interviews in the US

  • Total: 37
  • Most notorious Interviews:
    • Kiss 102.7 FM
    • Power 105.1 FM
    • IHeart Radio
    • Outloud Culture


As a young but talented debut artist, one of the challengs with MAR was setting the branding standard for who she was going to be in the media. A convicted artist with a strong mindset, it was important for MPT Agency to maintain a prestein reputation and avoid any type of shock related publicty. 

Pairing debut artists with top media is always a challenge, but with our expert copy team that studied and interacted with the artist at a deep and personal level, we were able to create a persona that both brought out MAR’s cultural singing roots as well as her firey modern attitude.

Working with a very short time frame and a fast paced publicity sprint across European markets was also an interesting challenge. In 30 days our team managed to maximizing her coverage across billboards and classic media throughout Europe. Using both the classic pitch and a piggy back media approach MAR was featured on some of the highest traffic areas around the globe including the Hollywood Strip, Les Champs Elisee, and Time square.

Fan Engagement:

With regular weekly meetings with her team, MPT Agency built an interview walkthrough with MAR so that her narrative, answers, and exceptional charm was present thorughout her public appearances. 

Our social media team took an in depth analysis at her audiences to form a tribal following around her personality and existing engagements in her native Mexico. 

Utilizing Instagram and TikTok as her main outreach socials, MAR’s fanbase is now at nearly 242k followers with a verified Instagram tag (a 30K+ growth since beginning of campaign).


As a natural born talent, MAR’s work with MPT Agency solidified her entry into the music market both in the US and abroad. With a combined viewership of 15 million across platforms, MAR has today crossed the monetization threshold for both YouTube and Spotify, and maintains over 90,000+ listeners per month.  With over 75% of artists who fail to launch properly this was a testament to MPT’s abilities to offer musicians a unique launching pad for their careers. 

Being a debut star when she entered and today selling out international shows, MAR’s campaign demonstrated that the key to a successful campaign is not long stretches of time, but rather meticulously planned campaigns that are concentrated in effort, and wide in their reach. 

Both her songs and her style will develop throughout 2023 and incorporate a variety of novel artists.