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Kitt Wakeley




- Music Marketing
- Artist Branding


United States



Oklahoma-based producer, songwriter, and composer Kitt Wakeley is one of a kind. His cutting-edge projects have helped him to fly, reaching the highest positions on different Billboard charts. By collaborating with Music Promo Today (MPT), Kitt’s Spotify followers were increased by +1.2K and the average weekly streams by +12.K. 

Aside from the previously mentioned outcomes, the client also received additional support such as:

  • Boosted his engagement on Spotify by +12.7K in listeners and +1.2K in followers
  • Kit’s hit “Forgive Me” was featured on major EDM playlists such as Blackout EDM, EDM MixUp, Nu EDM, among many others. 
  • Assisted him in social media management including scheduling daily posts, placing ads, and analyzing and monitoring his data.
  • Featured Kitt on top music blogs including Honk Magazine, RecordsonRepeat, and Scope Magazine.
  • Designed and implemented a marketing plan (from A – Z)
  • Increased his followers numbers on all his socials, mainly on Instagram (55k active followers).

Promoted Kit’s music on Instagram through booking feature posts on famous Instagram pages including UniSkyBeats which has over 1 million followers.