Kelly Monrow





Campaign Overview:

Kelly Monrow, was no stranger to the spotlight when she joined the MPT Roster. With roles in both films and hit TV productions like Lucifer, Kelly had just penetrated the music market when she signed up to our Rise to Fame Campaign. A full suite of social media, press and streaming services to get her new album Scars on Venus to hit a new milestone in the US Country-Rock industry.

Running from the Fall of 2022 to Q1 of 2023 the campaign consisted of launching the albums in a single burst as the singles for the tracks had been released a few months prior. Kelly had a name in hollywood but was new to music media scene. MPT Agency had the pleasure of launching an album with powerful message of female empowerment, and the inspiring narrative of overcomming adversity despite all odds.

The Title track “Mama Said” went on to hit over 1 million views, and earn Kelly Monrow a top 30 seat in the US Country Charts as well as a top 40 position in the Pop Category.

MPT Agency provided a 360 campaign that included:

  • Social media engagement & growth campaign
  • A full build up of her music pr assets
  • Spotify campaign with editorial submission sprint
  • YouTube monetization campaign
  • Media outreach
  • Radio Outreach
  • TopTier Press coverage
  • Music video campaign
  • Full Suite of Digital Advertising

During the Covid lockdowns, Kelly Dowdle decided to pursue her long-lost passion of becoming a singer, so she created the moniker Kelly Monrow and started writing her first tracks. The Americana is a true performer and a genuine songwriter keen on sharing her perspective by telling passionate, sometimes personal stories that both inspire others and help her heal as a person. As a creative, Kelly thinks it’s important to keep a fire burning at all times whether it’s film, singing, songwriting, and/or photography. Picking one lane as an artist is not Kelly’s philosophy.

Scars of Venus was released on October 10, 2022. The 12-track record, a flawless fusion of Americana and 90’s alternative Pop-Rock sounds take you on a journey of personal emancipation from one’s own introspective chains. This new 90’s sound is best displayed in the songs “Down Your Spine” and “Pain Turns to Love”. From the fist-pumping, powerhouse track “The Woman”, to the dark pop reflective song “Wounds”, Kelly Monrow bares her soul and claims her throne in this latest LP.  While “Go For Gold” is an exciting percussive inspirational anthem with a healthy dose of EDM, Radio-ready pop tracks like “Ain’t Mine”, “Jagged Heart”, and “Wake Up” mix novelty of country-rock and that wholesome familiarity.


Album – Debut Album:

  1. Over 8 Million Channel Impressions
  2. Total of 5.1 Million Views 
  3. 11.3K subscribers on youtube
  4. 393% watch hour increase in 90 days
  5. “Mama Said” ITnues Charts Country Rock no. 32
  6. “Mama Said” ITunes Charts Pop no. 41
  7. +25 Editorial Playlists
  8. +132 Playlist Features
  9. 1.5 Million Spotify Album Streams
  10. 4 million global Spotify Streams
  11. 25.6K monthly listeners on Spotify
  12.  +10,000 Radio plays
  13. 18 Radio Distribution placements
  14. 3 Live Radio Interviews

Instagram Profile Stats in last 90 days:

  1. 75K content interactions +128% increase
  2. 3 Million Impressions +320% increase
  3. 12K New Followers +63% new followers

Press Features & interviews in:

  • Maxim 
  • Ok Magazine
  • inStyle
  • Ocean Drive 
  • AmericanTop40 
  • Flaunt Magazine 
  • Earmilk 
  • Bridge Magazine 
  • Music Mecca 
  • Essentially Pop 
  • The Gossip Guide 
  • Finest Of EDM 
  • Miami Music Buzz
  • Vibe My Life 
  • Fist Pumpers 
  • Records On Repeat 
  • House of Shakes 
  • Pop Cultr 
  • Vents Magazine 
  • This Song Is So Sick 
  • Pinch of Sol
  • Peaches N Pop 
  • Groovy Tracks 
  • Hit Music TV 
  • Sweet N Sour Magazine 
  • Nuevo Culture
  • Grazia Magazine 
  • Pop Spotlight UK 
  • All About Ginger
  • Indie Land 
  • Mix Session DJs
  • Just Bangers 
  • Electric Bounce 
  • Real Street Radio 
  • The Gossip Guide 
  • Hip Hop Magz 
  • Funk and Play 
  • Rasta Sounds 
  • Mixtape Mixup 
  • EDM All Day 
  • Spin 98 


In the highly competitive scene of country-rock it was difficult for a new artist to steal the heart of america, with so much controversy throughout 2022 flooding the media with clickbait. The key was to focus on Kelly’s message to the world, and it was this that was able to break through the noise.

Our objective was to create a powerful America Niche of fans to focus her fanbase on the North American continent all while maximising the reach of her music. With the average American city costing 2.5x times the cost per click, it was integral for MPT Agency to put forward engaging videos and stories to propel Kelly’s visibility. Locating nich rock and country fans in both Portugal and Brazil, MPT leveraged the wave of listeners from emerging markets to multiply the visibility of Kelly’s search algorithm in North America. 

As the album was released in a single dose, MPT Agency segmented the songs into niche pockets of listeners for each state by state. Where one was being pushed in Texas, others were being put onto Georgia radio stations, while the video would be trending in New York. Using this type of rotative advertising and crowd building MPT Agency cleared nearly 500k views per month for the entire catalogue. Compiling over 20,000 watch hours on Youtube alone. 

Fan Engagement:

With fans ranging from 18 – 44 and focusing on a female audience, Kelly’s music has received thousands of strong and inspiring comments from people who both resonated with her personality and story. 

The top hit “Mama Said” has grown to well over 3.5 Million views and a quick look at the comment section will demonstrate how this powerful song will stand the test of time as one of this decade’s most important empowerment narratives. 


Kelly’s Rise to fame campaign managed to break the glass ceiling for a young talented artist that has an illustrious career ahead. Appearing on the cover of Bridge magazine and a full spread in Billboard magazine, Kelly Monrow’s music is well on its way to being a household name, and may very well be a nominee for the upcoming Country Music awards and other stable awards in the industry.

By founding these solid pillars for her digital presence, Kelly has expanded outside of her Country-Rock niche and has now begun a collaboration project with a variety of HipHop artists both in the US and France. 

Her latest single, Rise-up features former G-unit rapper Young Buck in a strong and emotional rap-rock crossover. A testament to MPT Agency’s capacity beyond the digital media landscape, Kelly Monrow’s career has reached a new milestone as both a monetizable brand and a powerful voice in the Rock n Roll scene.