Posted on March 15, 2023

Aaron Carter

By MusicPromoToday
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Client Background:

  • Aaron Carter is a singer-songwriter known for his pop and hip-hop music, worked with MPT Agency since 2017.
  • He released his LØVË album in 2018 and was looking to increase its Spotify exposure and reach a wider audience with his new album.
  • He also released a new single called "Blame It On Me" and was looking to promote it to his fans.

Campaign Objective:

  • Increase the streams on Aaron Carter's LØVË album.
  • Promote the new single "Blame It On Me" to his fans.
  • Build and grow Aaron Carter's fanbase on Instagram.

Campaign Strategy:

  • Our team collaborated with Sony Music and dealt directly with Aaron Carter to create a marketing campaign that included advertising, target audience identification, playlisting, and fanbase building.
  • We created targeted social media ads to promote the LØVË album and in 2022 his "Blame It On Me" single to Aaron Carter's fans and potential new listeners.
  • We identified and created playlists on various music streaming platforms to increase the visibility of the LØVË album in 2018 and later, in 2022, his "Blame It On Me" single.
  • We provided consultation services to Aaron Carter to help him grow his following on Instagram and engaged with his fans through social media.

Campaign Results:

  • Since the LØVË album was released in 2018, it has received over 112 million streams.
  • The "Blame It On Me" single received over 100K streams.
  • Aaron Carter's Instagram following grew to 100K fans over the course of 2 years.
  • The social media ads and playlisting helped increase the visibility of the LØVË album and "Blame It On Me" single, and engaged with Aaron Carter's existing and new fans.


  • The marketing campaign was successful in increasing the streams on Aaron Carter's LØVË album and promoting the new single "Blame It On Me" to his fans.
  • The consultation services helped Aaron Carter grow his following on Instagram, engaging with his fans, and building a strong fanbase.

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    Posted on December 9, 2022

    Kitt Wakeley

    By MusicPromoToday
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    Kitt Wakeley is an American composer, songwriter, musician, and music producer best known for his album, Symphony of Sinners & Saints (featuring Joe Satriani) which peaked at #1 on Billboard's Classical Crossover and Classical charts and at #18 on Hot Hard Rock Songs. Singles, Conflicted, Forgive Me, and Sinners and Saints, all peaked at #1 on Billboard's Hard Rock Digital Song Sales as well as charting in the Top-10 Hot Hard Rock Songs chart. MusicPromoToday assisted Kitt Wakeley in releasing the album Symphony of Sinners & Saints, recorded with the London Philharmonic and London Voices at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and features artists such as Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, Paige Harwell, Brent Berry and Ryan Miller. 

    MusicPromoToday secured features on dozens of music outlets among which some of the most prestigious magazines including Celeb Mix, Flaunt, Guitar.com, Rock N Load Mag, Metal Planet Music, and Progressive Rock Central

    As an outcome of the campaign, Kitt Wakeley’s album topped the Billboard Classical Crossover, Classical, Hard Rock Albums, and Hard Rock Digital Sales Charts in the United States. 

    The campaign was supported by YouTube and influencer promotions, as well as highly targeted advertising (both on social media and Google). 

    The MPT team’s efforts led to locking-in placements on top Spotify playlists and growth as well, resulting in over 250K plays, 35K new listeners, and 30K new followers. 

    MusicPromoToday provided branding and social media consultation, as well as a tailored YouTube ad campaign that generated outstanding results in terms of both reach and engagement. The designer team created mockups and swipe-up ads, all of which contributed to the viral success of Kitt Wakeley’s campaign. 

    • Spotify and YouTube promotion (with around 250K plays)
    • Story creation and branding content development
    • Press placement in top outlets
    • Interview opportunities on digital magazines and radio
    • Social media consultation, planing, strategy, and execution

    Social media visual content creation

    The artist received specifically designed Instagram mockups that reflect and promote Kitt Wakeley’s brand and new album release.

    MPT’s team of designers created Instagram Stories that led to high fan engagement stats and helped exponentially increase the Kitt Wakeley’s fan base

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