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Posted on July 8, 2020

MusicPromoToday On New TikTok Song Selector Feature With TuneCore Distributor

By MusicPromoToday
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TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with the simple goal of allowing users to create 15-second videos, soundtracked by music clips.

With over 800 million users, and one of the most downloaded apps on the planet, TikTok gives all types of brands an opportunity to expose themselves to young audiences. As 27% of its users are between 13-17 years old, it’s important for brands to be there and market their product. 

MusicPromoToday started TikTok music marketing in December 2019, an all-new program targeting GEN Z and GEN Y to make music go worldwide. Since then, hundreds of musicians have been discovered and take their music viral as the background soundtrack. 

Till now, artists were not able to select the specific start time of an uploaded TikTok song, and the short 15 seconds were always the beginning of the track. 

It’s all about to change! 

TikTok teamed up with TuneCore Artist Distributor and set up a feature to allow artists to choose which part of their song is going to be available on the app. 

As TuneCore shared in their official announcement

We’re excited to announce a new development in our partnership with TikTok: the ability for TuneCore Artists to select the specific start time in their songs that they’d like to be uploaded to the platform and streamed when users select their song.

What does that mean for musicians? They are able to pick up the catchiest part of a track, or can select a specific verse, hook, or chorus that they recon will stand out for fans on the platform. Once that step is set up, they can come up with a challenge or choreography, and go viral! All on their own rules.

If you are interested in learning how to implement TikTok as part of your music marketing, check out the MusicPromoToday Blog or visit our TikTok Campaign page and go from zero to getting millions of followers real quick! 

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