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Posted on June 4, 2020

Top 5 Underrated Black Musicians You MUST Listen To Today

By MusicPromoToday
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While we’ve seen a lot of fear, anger, frustration, and outrage during this past week due to the barbaric murder of George Floyd, its also clear that some of the tension has arised because the whole world sitting at home attempting to navigate the novel COVID-19. Dealing with sick loved ones and experiencing a great deal of fear and worry about what the future will hold. Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs and are battling unemployment unsure about what will happen next, musicians and artists included. You might know a musician who is dealing with this reality right now or it might even be you. We hear you, we see you, and we are here for you! But if you’re also wondering how you can support some of these underrated black musicians during these unique times, check out MusicPromoToday’s top five list of black musicians you can support today! 

Blood Orange

Blood Orange aka Devonté Hynes has the tendency to be compared to artists ‘The internet, Solange, Frank Ocean, and Jorja Smith.’ But the 34 year-old musician is unique and has a signature sound of his own. His most popular hits include, ‘You’re Not Good Enough,’ ‘Sutphin Boulevard,’ and ‘Saint’ and almost every single song he’s ever produced! 


37 year-old black female singer, KELELA, is making a bang for her buck as she creates hit after hit addressing issues couples deal in relationships and her very own real life experiences. The musician reminds listeners of artists like FKA Twigs, SZA, Little Dragon, and Kali Uchis with her electro-pop sound. Some of her biggest hits are ‘LMK,’ ‘Frontline,’ and ‘Rewind.’


Christopher Joseph Gallant III, also known as Gallant really knows how to work the crowd. With his sick beats and soulful sound, the young artist has really gathered a large following to support his music. To some, his songs are reminiscent of Miguel, Daniel Caesar, and Majid Jordan but to others, he is one of a kind. His most popular tracks include ‘Weight in Gold,’ ‘Cave Me In,’ and ‘Mad At You’ (Noah Cyrus, ft. Gallant). Take a listen yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

Topaz Jones

New Jersey-based hip-hop artist, Topaz Jones’ sound combines rapid flows and oozing beats of trap music and laid-back 70s funk. Listeners often compare him to artists like Andre 3000, Jay Prince, and GoldLink but we believe his sound is one of a kind. His hottest tracks include ‘Tropicana,’ ‘Motion Sickness,’ and ‘Toothache.’ Don’t miss out Topaz Jones, a flaming and talented artist! 


Micah Davis, professionally known as Masego, is an black male singer who released 2 EPs in 2016. He gained much of his popularity when he recorded a collaborative record with FKJ entitled, ‘Tadow’ in 2017. His sound is similar to artists like Xavier Omar, Raveena, and Tom Misch and some of his most popular hits are ‘Tadow,’ ‘Navajo,’ and ‘Sunday Vibes.’ Check out his Spotify below! 

Wrap Up

The world is going through some unique and heavy times right now! And we understand it can be frustrating for many. Show your support by listening to some of your favorite African American singers and your favorite R&B artists. Be the bridge and have their voices heard as you stand in solidarity with your favorite male and female African American singers! The team at MusicPromoToday unites and also stands in solidarity with all of our black clients, colleagues, and beloved artists.

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