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Posted on May 21, 2020

How To Get Your Song On A Radio Station

By MusicPromoToday
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Having your latest song on a radio will potentially reach the ears of millions of people. Music marketing companies advise up-and-coming artists to utilize this technique as a way of self digital music promotion. In recent years, the popularity of commercial radios has skyrocketed and it allows artists to maximize their craft and stream it world-wide. Therefore, MusicPromoToday has gathered some important tips in how to get your music on the radio. Check them out below. 

Send your music to radio stations.

 The distribution of your music requires sending your tracks in CDs, printing cover letters, bubble envelopes, researching radio stations, finding the right contact information and paying shipping fees. That’s why it is important to organize the process of sending you music early on so you don’t take time away from your craft. Do proper research as to where you will be sending your music, the correct point of contact you don’t waste time. 

Today, over 95% of the music played on commercial radio is received digitally. 

Each radio station has a Music Director and Program Director; together they decide what songs they’ll be playing on their radio station in a weekly music meeting. Therefore, when you submit your music to the radio, make sure it’s the correct sample track that showcases your skills and craft accurately.

Submit to college radio stations.

 Mainstream radio stations get way more emails of songs than college radio stations. Therefore college radio stations are more open to accepting and playing new songs and up and coming talent during their broadcasts. In this case, you have a greater chance of being heard. Your music will also have a greater chance of being spread when it’s in the hands of college students. Obviously, more parties take place in college than anywhere else too. If you can get a song popular on a college campus the possibilities are endless. Submit music to college stations to begin with and you won’t be disappointed.

Present Yourself In A Professional Way

Commercial radio stations usually will not play music by artists who are not serious about their craft and artistry. If you don’t sound professional, you will most likely not be selected during the decision process. Music should be submitted properly because if it’s not, music directors will think it is not high quality to air on the radio. When you’re sending Music Directors your music, remember that they are also being contacted from major labels and promoters who are working for more established international artists. Moral of the story: send them high quality material.

Have a solid following online

It might sound unfair to you but sometimes music directors will say, “if an artist doesn’t have more followers than me then I won’t air them on the radio.” It’s tough but that’s how the industry is. Make sure you have a solid following online before you start submitting your music to radio stations. Music marketing companies and online digital music promotional companies can advise you to get the proper artistry look you’ve always envisioned. Contact MusicPromoToday for more details. 

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