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Posted on April 27, 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Various Music Platforms Have Revamped Their Features Amidst COVID-19

By MusicPromoToday
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Check out this list MusicPromoToday has gathered for you of how different music platforms are revamping their outlets during COVID-19. 


Announced nearly a month ago, Spotify has officially launched their long awaited “Artist Fundraising Pick” feature, that allows artists, music industry employees and those who support these causes to link their Spotify accounts to their favorite charitable funds. The “Artist Fundraising Pick” also permits artists and others to link their profiles to destinations, GoFundMe campaigns, and Cash App accounts. In addition, artists can also raise money and awareness on Spotify-approved charities that will be beneficial for the music industry. Some of these charities are Recording Academy’s MusiCares and the PRS Foundation, as well as many others. Spotify has also announced that they will not be charging a fee for the contributions nor have they specified how long this new feature will continue.


Since the announcement of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Instagram has released many new features to help keep self-isolated folks a bit more entertained at home. 

  1. The app will include more educational resources in Instagram Search
  2. They will be adding stickers to promote accurate information
  3. Instagram will start to remove COVID-19 accounts from recommendations unless posted by a credible health organization
  4. One of our favorites, Instagram is taking out the donation sticker in more countries and helping people find relevant nonprofits to support
  5. They are creating a shared story to help those practicing social distancing connect with others, using a “Stay Home” sticker
  6. Lastly, they are launching a new way to browse Instagram with friends over video chat


SoundCloud has also launched a new feature called the “Donation Button” that enables artists who utilize the app to add a new tool to their accounts. When clicking on the button, fans and listeners of artists will be redirected to platforms like Paypal, Patreon or Kickstarter where they will be able to donate and support their favorite artists. Similar to Spotify, SoundCloud will not be making a fee during this process. It’s just a way fans can show their love, solidarity, and support to new up and coming artists who are also joblessly stuck at home now. 

During times like this, many artists, regardless of their spectrum of fame, are struggling. Please help your favorite artists, musicians, and their chosen charities in any way you can. A little can go a long way! We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy. 

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