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Posted on April 20, 2020

How Are DJs Dealing With #Quarantine? Keep Your Audience Entertained By Keeping Your Passion Alive

By MusicPromoToday
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While the battle against COVID-19 has drastically changed all measures around the world, almost all countries have shut down their borders and have advised people to stay home and remain in quarantine till further notice. Sure, amidst all the chaos and uncertainty we’re all facing, famous musicians have managed to keep their spirits high by manifesting a sense of unity and solidarity to their fans with their music. Some of these musicians are world renowned DJs who have found different ways to keep busy while living in quarantine. Checkout MusicPromoToday’s finds on how EDM DJs are musing while in self-isolation.

Image via We Rave You

Take Diplo for instance. The A-list DJ decided to isolate himself from his children due to the interaction he’s had with “hundreds of people in the past for weeks.” The American DJ announced that he promises fans nightly livestream sets that they can listen to right from the comfort of their own homes. If you’re an aspiring DJ, you too can hold flashy concerts right from your home to keep both you and your fans’ energy alive!

Image via Ars Technica 

We’re all aware of Swedish DJ Alesso right?! Well, due to his confinement at home, Alesso has been incredibly active on all his social media platforms. For instance, he’s been holding Q&A sessions on Instagram and was quick to release a short video about how to build up a big room track. The clips he posted on his Instagram showed Alesso joking around by expressing how the track can be created in a few short steps. He began by finding a few chords and creating “a nasty bassline,” before playing “a melody with a lot of delay,” and adding “too many layers of the same melody.” As an up and coming DJ, follow the footsteps of your predecessors and record short clips of you producing a new tune or dazzling one up that you’ve been working on already! It’ll make your fans more interested in your tracks and will keep them coming back for more! When you include your fans in the creation process, they become even more invested into your craft and curious in the final product.

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Marshmello has also carved out some time in his quarantine to whip together a brand new mix for his fans. The talented DJ announced on his YouTube, “Hey Mellogang, I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during these challenging times. I put together this mix so you have some music to help you get through your day. Please continue to care and support those around you in your communities. We are all in this together.” Releasing new music is crucial right now. As a DJ, you can show your fans that the art of music and creativity can bring us all together during a time of despair. Release a new track you’ve been working on but weren’t ready to release. If you’re looking for a sign, here it is! The time has come for the world to hear your sound! It’s your time to shine! 

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When Alison Wonderland found out about the cancelation of all Red Rock concerts, the EDM producer from Australia made the decision to surprise fans by posting the entire set of her 2019 Red Rock Concerts. She took it to Instagram to make her announcement: “Wow, a lot has changed since Monday when I announced Red Rocks. So I want to do something nice for you guys!!! So excited to release this footage from Red Rocks so you have something to watch while there are no events going on… IN 360!!!” If you don’t have special cameras and gadgets to create a 360 view of your new concert hall, aka your living room, don’t even worry. Give your fans a tour of your workspace. Show them where your music is created by filming a short video tour of your quarantined environment! You can also ask them to share their workspace with you, adding it to their story, tagging you and you can share it on your own Instagram or Facebook story. It will keep you and your fans engaged as you will each get a small insight of their everyday life in quarantine. 

Finally, famous Australian DJ, Flume, is using his time in quarantine wisely by collaborating with other DJ artists from around the world, remotely. After he posted an invitation to collab on his Instagram, he received messages from famous DJs and singers about his strategic idea. Some of these artists included Alison Wonderland, Diplo, Charlie XCX, Halsey, Oliver Heldens and more. We hope you’re all ready for these electrifying mashups because we sure are!!! You too can collaborate with different musicians and DJs from around the world. Maybe you have a friend who produces music in Sweden, or a relative who DJs in Brazil. Take this opportunity and write to them! Ask them to play music with you. You can either play a one hit wonder that everyone has heard before, or you can share one of your own songs. You will drive more people to your page just by collaborating with another artist! The possibilities are endless! Go for it and expand your already growing following list!

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Wrap up

If you’re a DJ who is stuck at home, try doing these 8 things, as well as the ones described above, to keep your musical passion alive as well as engaging at a deeper level with your fans! 

1. Find artists to collaborate with while you’re in quarantine 

2. Set new daily, weekly, and monthly goals to grow your fandom 

3. Start an ad campaign

4. Create a TikTok account and participate in viral challenges

5. Start a new musical project and share insight with your fans

6. Update your YouTube description

7. Create a wikipedia page about your overall brand and career as an artist

8. Work on your IG, FB, Spotify, and SoundCloud biographies for more fresher and up to date content 

If you are interested in learning more about how DJs can keep their passion alive while in quarantine, sign up by providing your link below. 

Also remember to be safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands. We are stronger together! 

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