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Posted on April 14, 2020

Whether Or Not Releasing Music During A Pandemic Is Ideal

By MusicPromoToday
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Just like the rest of the world, prominent artists from the music industry have been self- quarantining to cease the danger of catching COVID-19. Many artists have been busy hosting weekly live concerts via various social media platforms, while others have been more engaged with their fans showing them love and support during this very unique and challenging time. With that being said, many artists are facing difficult decisions about releasing new music to bring their fans closer in unity or to put things on hold for the time being due to ethical reasons. MusicPromoToday stands strong with our notable musicians regardless of what decision they make during this time. Check out what these respected and well-known artists are saying about releasing new music during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Image: Media Match

During the first couple of weeks of quarantine, almost all of us spent it the same way. Surfing the web, streaming music and TV shows, sending messages to check up on friends and family, and keeping up to date with COVID-19 news. However, the time came where we had to get back to work, remotely, while facing the sad reality that all summer events, concerts and festivals were cancelled. Some artists were even concerned about whether or not this was a good time to release their music or let the pandemic subside before proceeding forward with predestined plans. Their concerns were legit, ethical virtues, and seriously critical for the future of their careers. 

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Artists are torn between launching their new albums and tracks or postponing their releases due to Coronavirus as their main reason. Musical band HAIM, took it to Twitter to explain their decision of postponing the release of their album to late summer as they believe it is critical for artistic reasons. As this is a new and challenging time for the band, and everyone else, they believe holding live shows is incredibly important for them during their album release and due to travel restrictions and policies, that is on hold now. 


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    Synchronizing with HAIM, DMAs have also postponed their new album release without giving an extensive explanation. Thinking about the safety and health of their fans, the band has stated that ‘THE GLOW’ will now be released on Friday July 10. Although artists don’t state this publically, making an album is expensive and artists resort to touring to financially support their new album. Therefore, the cancellation of events has steered them to the other direction. 

    Image: Lady Gaga’s Twitter

    However, other than commercial and artistic reasons, various artists are not releasing music due to ethical reasons. Lady Gaga is one of these artists. She expressed on her Twitter account that it “just doesn’t feel right” to release new music during this unprecedented time despite the fact that “art is one of the strongest things we have to provide joy and healing.” 

    Image: New York Times

    We believe many artists are feeling this way right now, however may not be able to describe their feelings verbatim. In a larger sense, musicians who adopt traits like courage, patience, and compassion to pick up an instrument and dedicate their whole being to it, will also invest those traits to times like this. Although they might believe that presenting their work and creativity would be unifying their fans and inspiring them during crises, it also goes to show that artists like Lady Gaga are more focused on finding a solution for all rather than focusing on their own success. Therefore, her acting in her moral instinct through the decision she’s made will intensify her compassion towards those who are affected by her decision. 


    In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answer in artists’ decisions. Some artists feel the need to postpone their album release so they can later tour and make up for financial matters. Others believe that releasing music during a time of crisis will further solidify the strengthening and unifying forces of the world. And others may think there are greater solutions to focus on right now rather than releasing music. The choice is yours, and MusicPromoToday  will support you either way. Stay safe and be healthy. 

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