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Posted on February 26, 2020

The What, Why, and How of Building a Music Career

By Shawn Spence
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If you’re an artist that has just started to create music, don’t sit around and wait for your career to happen. Take a step forward to make it happen. Here are some essential steps you need to learn in order to build a long-lasting foundation for your music career.

Have a Goal

This might sound very obvious, but you need to set clear music marketing goals. Everybody wants to make it in the music industry, but not all know how to start. Try by focusing on short-term goals. For example, if you’ve never had a live show before, set yourself a goal to have one at the start of your career. If you’ve never released a track or album with a label, set an objective to get signed in the upcoming 3 months. 

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, start with small goals and work your way up. Set deadlines for yourself and try to follow through with them. Whenever the deadlines seem impossible, don’t worry, set a new date and work to achieve the objective. 

Once you start accomplishing your goals – one at a time, you will feel more determined and productive which will give you energy to push yourself forward!

Be Online

In 2020, every artist needs an online presence. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be everywhere, but you gotta be somewhere and make it consistent enough to build a fanbase. 

Once you have set up your social media accounts, you have to start to engage with your fans more in order to build a relationship with them. However, social media is not only about building a fanbase but it is also about networking and communicating with industry professionals. A lot of record deals and collaborations simply happened because the two came across each other on social media. It’s really that easy and your successful career can be only a DM away!’

Again, don’t chase the trends or register on any social media network that is popular at the moment. Find what works for you and grow on it! Don’t forget that your social media image is your “brand” and you can do whatever you want with it.

“The majors are growing at a sustainable growth rate, but this part of the industry is just exploding,” he said. “There’s something happening that’s going to impact the industry profoundly.”

Why Independent Musicians Are Becoming The Future Of The Music Industry

Find Your Tribe

There are things in your music career that you’re going to be good at and there are things that you’ll need to find an experienced professional to assist you with. Even the most self-sufficient and DIY artist can’t handle everything and needs a team. Finding your tribe doesn’t have to be corporate, expensive or anything in between. For example, you might be struggling to get booked for shows and there might be someone out there who is looking for artists to book and showcase their talent and hard work. Join your forces! Collaboration and cooperation are the pillars of the music industry and you are going to need to know a lot of cool professionals if you want to make it in the music industry. 

If you’ve already started the process, get yourself an agent, a manager, a label and of course a music PR agency that will help you push through the noise. Again, this is about finding your team and not selling your soul to a label with all of its consequences. 

Be a Professional

The music business is not accounting, but it’s still a business. From the moment you start to see yourself professionally in the music industry, you must also act like you are in it too. 

First of all, everything needs to be on paper. This is rule number one which a lot of people don’t follow and then end up with ruined careers and friendships. Even when you work with your friends, you still need to have contracts signed. 

Next, you have to make your communication professional as well. This means everything needs to be discussed through emails and have due dates. 

Don’t forget to count your money. Planning expenses is one of the most essential aspects of building a music career. Pay attention to your income and don’t overwhelm your budget. 

Even if you still have a day job, make sure you follow these steps in order to set up your music career professionally and efficiently.

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