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Posted on February 6, 2020

Marketing Lessons Learned From Super Bowl 2020

By Yvonne Martin
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The 2020 Super Bowl might be over, but some time will have to pass till the dust of excitement falls completely down and to forget about the outstanding performances of J.Lo and Shakira. 

Variety reports that 102 million total viewers tuned in for the Super Bowl last Sunday and it is said that the number of those who watched the halftime show by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira tripled on streaming platforms. 

The video uploaded on the official NFL YouTube account has reached over 57 million views in only one day and the videos, memes, and posts created with the Super Bowl theme are popping up everywhere online. 

Every artist wants to have a Super Bowl moment, but since in 2020, the cost has reached $5.6 million for a 30-second slot. How can independent musicians do it by themselves? 

Just like Christmas (Check out our article on Why December Is The Best Time To Release Music), Thanksgiving or any other event, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to launch a project and promote your music. 

Check out what we learned from the 2020 Super Bowl and how you can take advantage of this event in your marketing strategy.

1- Super Bowl Playlist

It is as simple and efficient as it sounds: just create a Super Bowl Playlist at least 2 weeks before the show. Make sure to feature songs of artists that will perform during the halftime show. You might wonder how it can help you promote your music? Well, add yourself to the playlist, obviously! 

You can prepare a 2021 playlist, feature Best Of Super Bowl, or create any theme you like just by keeping the keyword in the title to gain more exposure and reach new listeners. 
The method we are talking about is called Playlist Grouping (we explain it here), and it works perfectly on all streaming platforms – from YouTube to Spotify, and SoundCloud.

2- Reaction Videos

Yes, they are still out there gathering thousands of millions of streams, and who would have thought that in 2020, the YouTube community will be still in love with people watching and commenting on videos? If you can not fight them, be one of them! Spread your content, target a new audience and gain thousands of followers by recording yourself viewing the halftime show. Be expressive, funny and upload this video with the speed of light. You. Want. To. Be. Fast. 

Once the artists of 2021 performances leave the stage, you should be already typing the title of the YouTube videos. Use keywords, hashtags and a crazy thumbnail – everything to catch the viewers’ attention and boost these views.

3- Super Bowl Keywords and hashtags

In 2020, the keywords related to the Super Bowl had a huge search count but there were not as many results as expected. The competition using this phrase was surprisingly low until the day of the event. And then it all went crazy… 

Only on Instagram, we can find over 7M posts that feature #superbowl, but barely 320K that include #superbowl2020. It means that there is a huge potential in getting noticed by using Super Bowl-themed hashtags. 
Twitter, on the other hand, is a little bit more hectic… According to RiteTag during the first hour after the big game, Twitter counted 200k posts and 1M impressions! Analytics show that even 3 days after the halftime performance, every hour there were 454 new and unique Tweets, and the hashtag #superbowl has an exposure of 13.3M users!

How can we use this fact in marketing strategy next year? Start featuring Super Bowl 2021 in your content at least a month before the event. Write down the variations of the keywords, find related ones, and implement it in your content strategy – both in descriptions and as hashtags in your social media channels. 

Wrap Up

MusicPromoToday’s investigation on what we can learn from the 2020 Super Bowl marketing has one important outcome: BE EARLY FOR THE SHOW. 

We recommend you to start shouting out about the 2021 Super Bowl even a month before. Post count downs, prepare videos on what to expect from the halftime show, create a playlist of the performer, write blog posts on your predictions, use keywords, hashtags and do whatever it takes to get more exposure and catch the attention of the audience. 

Once you get that, your social media presence will be strengthened, and the number of your streams will increase. If you need a solid marketing strategy to have that done, hit our team at MusicPromoToday works with signed and unsigned artists, record labels and bands across various music genres: electronic, pop, rock, hip hop, and urban, just to name a few.

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