Arizona native singer and songwriter Shae Brock teamed up with MusicPromoToday to secure media coverage, rebrand and develop her music, as well as build a fanbase and grow social media impression, and increase the number of streams.


MusicPromoToday delivered a creative digital campaign to maximize media coverage, increase audience engagement on social media platforms and grow numbers of streams.  

MusicPromoToday enabled the client to build verified social channels and gathered an engaged fanbase of 10k followers in 6 months of collaboration.

The client received a personalized branding package - from a press kit to the design and development of a brand new artist website, to artworks for new singles and a new album. 

The successful branding and digital marketing efforts led to generating over half a million impressions on Spotify. 

The client recently released the highly noticed single in collaboration with Gucci Mane entitled "Transparency," hitting over 300k views in only a week after the premiere.