Discover the 5 Easy & PROVEN steps to skyrocket
your reach on Instagram

#1 Timing matters

When it comes to the right posting time, you should consider these two factors:

when are your followers the most active, and when is your targeted audience online.

The first one can be simply found in your Insights in the Audience tab.

Check out on what day and at which hour your followers are most active, and publish the post at the exact same time.

According to ExpertVoice, posting during the hours of 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM during weekdays can help you generate solid engagement,
but your engagement peak will be different depending on who is your target.

Write down as many features that represent your targeted audience as possible:

their age, time zone, country, hobbies, hours of working or being at school, and find out the right time to publish your post.

Instagram algorithm loves immediate engagement on posts!

If your photo or video receives decent engagement within the first 30 minutes after posting, Instagram will expose your posts to wider audiences hours after it went live.

#2 Tagging Stories

If you use geotags and hashtags in your posts, why won’t you use it in stories?

Adding hashtags in Insta Stories is an underestimated sticker, but it allows to be featured on the Explore Page, which can bring enormous traffic to your profile, and help you gain new followers.

Instagram allows you to add only one hashtag per Story, so choose a relevant one that is not super popular.

Moreover, Convince And Convert explains that..

"When you place hashtags in your Instagram Story, your images or video will not always be accepted into the hashtag aggregation—yes, even if your profile is set to public.
The aggregation of these hashtagged Stories depends on engagement and the quality of the image or video posted.”

Using #music or #hiphop can make your pot get lost in the ocean of other posts, so find a unique hashtag for your niche.

Don’t forget to use the location tag! Add the one that is relevant to your target audience.

musicpromotoday instagram

#3 Reaching Out

After Instagram ditched the Following Activity tab , it’s more difficult than ever to be noticed by potential fans.

Engaging and communicating with the audience is an essential matter when it comes to building a loyal fanbase.

The only way to organically grow the number of followers is to go out there and get them through interactions.

There are many ways to reach out to Instagram users - you can like and comment on their photos, watch stories and react to them, or start following their profiles. It’s simple and happens to be the most effective way to catch one’s attention, so don’t underestimate it.

If you decide to reach out to your potential followers, do it manually.

Don’t bother yourself with paying for bots that like thousands of posts and follow hundreds of profiles in one day. Instagram notices an unusual account behaviour and doesn’t hesitate to shadowban or permanently delete it.

Be as human as possible, both in the number of likes you give and in the quality of comments you leave.

#4 Strategic Advertising

Boosting posts is so 2014 that we recommend you stop even considering it.

Instead of running a boost promotion, create your Facebook Business and Ads Manager, and connect your Instagram account to it.

Don’t jump on it thoughtlessly and build a strategy that can bring you plenty of new followers.

Decide on what you want to achieve (increase video views, get more engagement, or likes, etc.) and choose the right objective for your campaign.

Make sure to create a highly targeted audience based on the location, age, education, profession, income, and so on.

Facebook offers a browser that can help you find out the features of your audience, so use it! Experiment, run split tests, and find out what works best for you!

#5 Carousel Posting

Retention time has been a hot topic in digital marketing for a long time.

Many professionals claim that videos are the best for attracting users, and for keeping their attention, and 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

The next in line is slideshow images, often called carousels.

The more images you add in one post, the longer the retention time.
The truth is that carousels can be even more engaging than videos.

Once you write on the cover photo to scroll it, users are more active and you give them a reason to stay on your post.

The better retention time you can create with your posts, the higher the chances that users become your followers.

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