Posted on June 25, 2020

MusicPromoToday Analytics: Understanding TikTok Marketing, Myths & Best Practices

By MusicPromoToday
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If you are a musician, singer, songwriter or part of a band, you’ve probably heard of TikTok, even if you haven’t necessarily used it before. Maybe you’ve occasionally seen YouTube videos of teenagers giddily lip-syncing or dancing to popular songs while Snapchat-like filters and AR features occupy the scene. These types of videos are commonplace on TikTok, but musicians also use it to spread their music worldwide. However, the Chinese company ByteDance who launched the app back in 2016 became equipped with a few fair myths that dispersed all over the video-sharing social network. MusicPromoToday has gathered a rundown of TikTok marketing myths and facts so you’re more aware of why so many are addicted to this app.

TikTok Marketing Myth 1

Your TikTok videos should be either funny skits or dancing.

TikTok Marketing Fact 1

This is definitely not true! These doings are grounded in strategies that are successfully based on getting songs viral for musicians and artists. It’s your account page and you should set out content that you feel the best with! There’s a lot of skits and dancing on TikTok, but you can take a different TikTok marketing direction too!

TikTok Marketing Myth 2

TikTok is only for one style of music. 

TikTok Marketing Fact 2

Hmm…WRONG! If you do adequate research about the app itself, even if you just browse and watch various TikTok videos, you’ll quickly find that this is not the case. There are all types of music erupting on the social media platform. Urban, electronic, rock, classical and so many more genres.

TikTok Marketing Myth 3

TikTok campaigns are easy. 

TikTok Marketing Fact 3

Research shows that TikTok tends to be one of the cheaper platforms, allowing for “cheap failure,” but with correct and strategic music marketing promotion, you and your music will go viral in no time! Start posting something today. We’ll promise you will get a few dozen or hundreds of views within the first 24-48 hours without doing anything. Do the math and multiply those views by 10 posts or 20 posts! See the numbers adding up? It’s very important to be consistent. The more you post, the more you attract. Make sure to keep your posts quality up to par as well so users can also like and share it with their friends instead of simply watching and skipping it. Social media is all about entertaining, make sure the first couple seconds of your TikTok video grabs the attention of the viewer; this is the best TikTok music marketing tip we can give you and the best insider that will retain users. 

As an artist, take the risk (which in this case is only your time) and spend it on Tiktok to be at the forefront of this new social media giant before it grows even more and gets difficult to get your views! You will learn about what works and what doesn’t within the first couple days. 

Remember: The more you post, the more your numbers will continue to grow and eventually you will reach that ultimate peak! 

Contact MusicPromoToday to create a customized and viral music TikTok campaign for your music marketing success or if any of the following questions have sparked after reading this article! 

We’ll guide you on the following: 

  1. How to design your TikTok campaign when you have a single vs. a music video to promote.
  2. ​How to choose TikTok influencers (TikTok followers vs. engagement is NOT what it seems, there’s more to this).
  3. Determining how much to pay TikTok influencers.
  4. ​The best way to contact and negotiate with TikTok influencers.
  5. How long to run your campaign and what a rollout needs to look like.
  6. ​How to save your money and get the best results for your personal budget.
  7. What to exactly tell influencers to do.
  8. ​The best way to upload your music.
  9. ​What you shouldn’t worry about (you’ll waste your time and ruin your campaign if you do…)
  10. ​What to do after launch to maximize your results and help TikTok drive streams or build a social media fanbase!

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