Posted on May 18, 2020

5 Powerful Facebook Tips to Boost Your Music Marketing

By MusicPromoToday
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In recent years, Facebook pages have become musicians’ prime source for music marketing. It almost seems like the success of an artist’s Facebook page results in the success of their music career. Label companies and music marketing companies who offer digital music promotion generally assume that if a musicians Facebook page has a lot of fans, it’s worth their time to check them out! In addition, musicians also assume that if their Facebook has a large following, then their events will have a massive attendance rate and higher album sales.  
However, although these assumptions can sometimes be misleading, it’s important to know that it will cost money for brand new musicians who are trying to make it big on Facebook. However, MusicPromoToday has gathered for you some powerful Facebook tips that will allow up and coming artists, and even their predecessors to be successful on the social media platform.

1. Target the right Facebook audience

One of the best features on Facebook is having the freedom to target audiences based on their specific interests. If you decide to sponsor a Facebook ad, you can choose an exact group of users who you want your ad to be viewed by. For example, hipster music fans from the ages 21-30 or Hip-Hop fans who are aged between 30-45. Therefore, as an artist, you have the ability to pay to show ads for your music to the group of people who will like it the most. This works way better than an approach where artists just boost their posts to their existing followers and ignore targeting and gaining new audience members!

2. Target the right fans in the right locations

Next on our list of Facebook tips is to target fans in the right locations. This means that in addition to allowing artists to display ads based on interests, Facebook also allows you to show ads based on the location of these specific groups of people. This is exceptionally beneficial for touring artists to maximize the value of their money spent on ads as well as their crowd turn out. Online music marketing companies suggest you to highlight the area you want to target on a map or upload a spreadsheet containing target postcodes.

3. Customize your audience

Advertising on Facebook shouldn’t only be targeted towards specific interests and demographics. You should also try to utilize the data you already have. The ‘custom audiences’ feature allows you to upload your existing mailing list to Facebook and display ads for all Facebook users on the list! This is beneficial because it allows someone who isn’t following your Facebook page to still encounter your content!

4. Install the Facebook pixel on your site

The next thing is one of the most important Facebook tips out there. If you’re an artist, you should definitely have a website and intend to advertise about it on Facebook. All music marketing companies will inform you to install the Facebook pixel onto your site. This is a basic line of code which essentially adds a Facebook cookie to your site. This cookie then permits you to show promotions for your music to any individual who visited your site in the recent 90 days.

 5. It’s not only about getting the likes 

As a result of the apparent significance of having a large number of Facebook likes for your music page, numerous artists who run advertisements on Facebook simply center around utilizing them to build the number of their likes. Rather than urging people to like your Facebook page, you can encourage them to subscribe to your mailing list (usually for something in return). Having a larger mailing list in many cases is more important than having a large following on Facebook because it will allow you to communicate with a broader range of people as well as send newsletters to people who don’t have Facebook accounts.

We hope you enjoyed these Facebook tips. If you’re interested in receiving more information, visit us at MusicPromoToday.

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