Posted on April 29, 2020

How to Get Your Music on Spotify’s Biggest Playlist: RapCaviar

By MusicPromoToday
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To get your music featured on Spotify’s Biggest Hip-Hop Playlist RapCaviar via MusicPromoToday, follow these simple steps we’ve garnered for you and your success.

RapCaviar via MusicPromoToday

Originally created and run by Tuma Basa, RapCaviar is Spotify’s largest Hip-Hop playlist with a following of over 10 million users. Today, the playlist is no longer in the hands of Tuma but now is organized by Spotify editorial team members who have essentially lowered the standards of their music submission. In this day and age, MusicPromoToday has exclusive plugs and contacts to get you a spot on the RapCaviar playlist. Our specialists are very particular and pay attention to uniqueness, creativity, and originality when picking music to send to our contacts at Spotify for RapCaviar. If any of these categories describe you as an artist and if you think your sound will impress our team, check out these simple steps you can follow to catch the attention of MusicPromoToday and to get your music on one of Hip-Hop’s hottest Spotify playlists. 

Be Strategic With Your Releases 

In many cases, getting noticed on Spotify doesn’t take too much work. Some artists think that they need a one hit wonder or just one flaming hit to make the cut on Spotify. However, in most cases it’s quite the opposite. Having more releases where you can show the editorial team that you’re a consistent producer of your craft is what is most appealing to both MusicPromoToday and Spotify editors. The more releases you accumulate, the better chance you have to generate the algorithms when a new release hits Spotify. Simply ensure that you don’t disregard quality, move as quickly as you can, and work hard to release a top of the line record.

Reach Out to RapCaviar Artists for a Feature


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    To gain some easy popularity as a rapper, try contacting these, not so cheap but still effective, talented Hip-Hop rappers for a feature.  


    Rich The Kid


    Lil Tjay

    Gucci Mane


    Reach out to contacts to fund the feature and try to ask as many questions as possible to receive as much information as you can from them. Some questions you can ask are, who do they use for distribution, which label do they work with, and if they work with specific marketing agencies they can connect with. Lucky for you, you’ve already stumbled upon one that already does! Contact MusicPromoToday for more information. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive!

    Be Visible to the Spotify Team

    If you want to get noticed, you have to make sure you grab the attention of Spotify’s marketing team. Tweet to them, ask the questions, mention them on your Instagram and Facebook stories, and make sure your tweets and comments are unique and diverse. Spotify loves originality! 

    Be Creative with Your “Rap Niche”

    Spotify has gathered more than 100 different genres just for Hip-Hop so its key that you find what sector you fit in stick to it. Don’t try to replicate the sound of your predecessors because it will make it harder for Spotify to categorize you to a specific genre. In the long run, this is going to help you get you into micro-genre lists on Spotify. These include:

    Most Necessary New Artists (your best chance)

    Get Turnt High Energy Hip Hop

    SignedXOXO Pop Rap/Crossover

    Conscious Hip-Hop (Mos Def, Immortal Technique)

    UK Hip Hop (Ambush Buzzworl, T MULLA)

    Trap Rap (Future, Kodak Black)

    Pop Rap (Drake, 6LACK)

    Browse for your genre at everynoise.com.

    As an up and coming rapper, you should note that getting on these smaller official lists first will increase your chances of getting placed on RapCaviar.  

    So remember, if you want your music to be noticed, make sure you:

    1. Be Strategic With Your Releases 
    2. Reach Out to RapCaviar Artists for a Feature
    3. Be Visible to the Spotify Team
    4. Be Creative with Your “Rap Niche”

     By following these simple steps, you will be sure to make an appearance on RapCaviar. MusicPromoToday closely works with Spotify editorials, therefore, if you have questions or want further information on playlist placement, visit us at musicpromotoday.com

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