Posted on April 7, 2020

How To Use TikTok To Go VIRAL As A Musician?

By Barbara Drews
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During these past few years, TikTok has been responsible for the quantity of songs that have turned into web sensations by artists you’ve most likely never heard of. Although famous songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce are on the top of the charts, most of their recent hits are non-existent on the notable video-sharing application.  TikTok clients who are picking up popularity, generally, are rising stars and rappers.

The app that was created in Beijing allows users to transport unique songs onto their account or choose from different genres and categories already imported to the app. A specific song becomes well known once a massive following of users sing, dance or lip sync to it. The application also allows for users to create new dance moves and patterns that have helped in raising the prevalence of some music, mostly for rap. Check out how MusicPromoToday can take your music and hits viral on TikTok!

To begin with, it is imperative to discover well-known music influencers you can work with. Much the same as YouTube and Instagram, there are clients on TikTok who are known for their routined and top-notch visual substance. Because of their huge following, they have the ability to put anybody on the map. It is an incredible strategy for new performers to work together with these influencers since you can request that they utilize your new music in their recordings by paying them a small fee for each mention.

Next, you can make a TikTok challenge with your music. One that was executed really nicely was the ‘Kiki Challenge’ that recently became famous with Drake’s hit song, “In My Feelings.” Our group of marketing masters can conceptualize your ideas and formulate some intriguing ideas that will turn you into a TikTok sensation. Regardless of whether it’s a one-hit-wonder type of challenge or just for fun, we’ll assist you with arranging it full scale and will leave the rest to your TikTok fans.

At last, #HASHTAGS are one of the most amazing tools in the music marketing world! Have you struggled with thinking about a one of a kind and appealing hashtag? Try not to stress, our capable and imaginative experts will help you by bringing your creative thoughts to life. Utilizing hashtags on TikTok is similar to the popularity of hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. When done right, it can work wonders!

Keep in mind about the intensity of a hashtag in 2020. Your unique hashtag created by our exceptional experts will coordinate with your music brand design and will assist you with picking up the prominence you’ve always longed for!

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