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13 April 2015

Young Thug Disses Lil Wayne & Young Money

During a newly uploaded video to Young Thug’s Instagram, a woman narrates a series of disses aimed at Lil Wayne and Young Money.

Despite responding positively to Lil Wayne’s recent diss, Young Thug appears to have changed his tune towards Weezy and Young Money.


Yesterday (April 12), Thug uploaded a video toInstagram that features various clips of him performing while a woman narrates some shots at Wayne and his imprint.


“Big killa, young nigga, young fucking money…fuck you I kill you,” she says.


After her voice fades, the words “Barter 6” appear on the screen.


Last Thursday (April 9), while addressing the crowd at his “Release Partiez” tour stop in Jackson, Mississippi, Lil Wayne took aim at Young Thug.


“Y’all let him know I said, ‘Fuck ‘em,’” Wayne said, followed by the sound of gun shots from the DJ booth. “Stop listening to songs of niggas who pose naked on their motherfucking album covers.”


Young Thug’s Tha Carter 6 is set to be released on April 17.


Young Thug’s Instagram post can be viewed below: