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07 April 2015

Wale Wants To Work With Lena Dunham & “Seinfeld” Co-Creator Larry David

“I sure as hell want to help usher in a youth movement in Black Hollywood,” he says

Wale has his sights set on Hollywood.

The D.C. ambassador stopped by New York City radio station Power 105.1 on yesterday (April 6) to talk with Angie Martinez about his acting ambitions.

During the interview, Wale tells the renowned radio host that acting in Hollywood is something he’s been encouraged to try to get into to.

“I’m eager to partake in other avenues,” Wale says. “I have good people that are down to help me with this next stage of my career…It’s something I definitely want to try. I don’t want to come for Denzel’s spot, but I feel like I can get a few roles.”

After teaming up with Jerry Seinfeld for the Album About Nothing, Wale names Seinfeld’s co-creator Larry David as someone he’d love to work with in the future.

“I would love to do a Geeta Patel movie or Lena Dunham, because I love her sense of humor, or even Larry David, something that’s kind of carefree,” he says to Martinez. “At the same time, you look at shows like Power or Empire, obviously I think I can see myself on a program like that.”

Besides acting himself, Wale explains that he wants to assist budding young actors and directors achieve their goals.

“I sure as hell want to help usher in a youth movement in Black Hollywood,” he says. “Where’s the new young Mekhi Pheifer? Where’s the new young Denzel? Where’s the new Halle?”

Check out the full interview below: