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16 March 2015

Unseen Pictures Of Hip Hop Pioneers Released

Three photographers who documented Hip Hop culture from 1977-1990 in New York release never before seen pictures of some of the culture’s pioneers.

Some of Hip Hop music’s greatest moments came during the 1980s. From Rakim to Big Daddy Kane and beyond, the period between the late 70s and 80s was largely influential in advancing Hip Hop lyricism.

Now, previously unreleased pictures of Hip Hop in New York between 1977 and 1990 have been unearthed.

Photographers Janette Beckman, Joe Conzo and Martha Cooper recently made pictures of some of Hip Hop’s gatekeepers available to the public. The photos, which include young portrayals of KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane and more were made available on the Dailymail recently.

All photos will be on display at Museum Of The City Of New York soon and reveal numerous elements of Hip Hop culture including B-boying, emceeing, DJing and more. The exhibition is slated to run from April 1 to September 15.

View photos revealing younger versions of JDL of Cold Crush, LL Cool J, High Times Crew, Salt N Pepa, Afrika Bambaataa, Queen Latifah and more below:

Old 9

Old 8

Old 3

Old 7

Old 6

Old 5

Old 4

Old 1