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14 April 2015

Tyler, The Creator Originally Wanted Rick Ross On “Cherry Bomb”

The Odd Future frontman also wanted Stevie Wonder and the lead singer from Jamiroquai to be apart of the album.

Tyler, the Creator was able to nab a handful of high-profile Hip Hop features for his fourth studio album,Cherry Bomb.


There’s Pharrell on “Keep Da O’s”, Kanye West and Lil Wayne on “Smuckers” and Schoolboy Q on “The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah.”


Yesterday (April 13), Tyler revealed via Twitter that he was thinking about enlisting another Hip Hop heavyweight.


“I originally wanted Rick Ross on ‘2Seater’ but instead I wrote a string section and recorded it at Hans Zimmers Studio with some players,” Tyler wrote.


Instead of trading bars with Rozay, Tyler says he had a 20-year-old kid named Aaron play saxophone on the song. He also mentioned that he wasn’t able to get Jay Kay – the lead singer of Jamiroquai – on “2Seater” as well.


Only 3 features I didn’t get: Beth from Portishead on Buffalo, Stevie Wonder on “Find Your Wings”, JayKay from Jamiroquai on “2Seater” Tyler wrote. “Next time.”