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02 May 2015

Tyga Reportedly Owes Ex-Landlord Over $120K

Tyga reportedly owes over $120k on a house that he rented in 2010.


A month ago, a man handed Tyga a summons after posing as a fan at Tyga’s LA Gear sneaker launch party in Hollywood. TMZ caught the incredibly awkward footage of Tyga getting served (see below), but, originally, we didn’t know why the rapper was wanted in court.Now, an ex-landlord is claiming Tyga owes him six figures–and counting. According to the landlord, Tyga rented a house in Calabasas back in 2010, on which Tyga still owes $90,000. Since last month, Tyga has reportedly missed the court date on his serving papers, which will cost him another $1,090. The rapper wrote a check of said amount to his ex-landlord, but, allegedly, the check ended up bouncing.
Of course, the landlord is still after his money, which, now–the full judgment plus interest–totals to over $124,000. He’s threatening an arrest warrant if Tyga refuses to pay this time.
No word on the situation from Tyga’s camp, though, money doesn’t seem to be in too short supply for the L.A. rapper–he recently posted a (since deleted) Instagram of him sitting next to stacks of $100 bills, which we caught in the above gallery.
Is T-raww gonna get outta this unscathed?