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13 April 2015

Troy Ave Details Inspiration From 50 Cent

Troy Ave says 50 Cent told him “your opportunities are endless.”

After squashing a not-quite fully formed beef with 50 Cent earlier this month, Troy Ave says he sat down with the G-Unit founder for dinner recently and got a chance to pick his brain.


Speaking with the L.A. Leakers Troy Ave opened up about his current relationship with 50 Cent and looking up to his fellow New Yorker for reasons beyond music.


“I was sitting with 50 Cent the other night, we was eating some dinner,” Troy said. “It was a bunch of fly shit around. Marble everything, marble floors, whatever. This a motherfucker with all type of bread, that shit that I aspire to.”


“He said, ‘With you, what I see, your opportunities are endless,” the New York City: The Album rapper recalled.


“‘There’s nothing you can’t do. That’s what I see for myself, look at all the shit I’m doing.’ I’m the closest thing that you gon’ find coming through in the rap game to Fif since then. I dropped the illest album. I think most of the comparisons that we was getting was because of the energy I was bringing, like, ‘Man, I don’t give a fuck. I’m that nigga. I’m from New York. What’s up?'”


Not unlike his favorite rapper’s latest career move suggests, Troy Ave also said he’s reconsidered the allure of a major label deal and is instead enjoying the independent grind.


“I don’t want that no more,” Troy said of a major label signing. “I don’t want to be signed to a label and you give me 15% on every dollar. So now if I sell a million records, or a million singles, whatever, make a million dollars, I only get $150,000. But, y’all gave me $300,000 to make the record. So if you gave me three now I really still owe you one-fifty. At this point I’m getting 95% of my bread, 5% to my lawyer, shout out to Vinny. I’m getting the majority of my own bread so why not keep hustling? Why not keep doing my own thing? The only way it makes sense if we get a joint venture.”