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07 May 2015

Trinidad James Details New Book Of Photography, “Trip$ To Trinidad”

“It was a beautiful day in the ghetto,” James says of the book’s subject. “It was beautiful.”


With a new four-song EP released at the tail-end of last month, Trinidad James is now gearing up for another kind of release, this time, of all things, a book of photography.


Carrying the same name as last month’s short project,Trip$ To Trinidad, the photo book documents the former Def Jam artist’s time spent on the island nation. Speaking with HipHopDX’s Ural Garrett, James recalled the experience and what the photos mean to him.


“Basically, just from the raw grit in the photos, but the love that’s behind each one and what it represents in my mind,” he said of what fans can expect from the book, which is currently up forpre-order on his site. “It’s kind of more based off the feeling that I know I felt when I see the pictures of that day. It was a beautiful day in the ghetto. It was beautiful. Trust me. Everybody was happy. All the kids was playing. I gave hella kids money. One American dollar is actually worth six Trinidadian dollars. I was giving that money to the kids that was participating in the video, everybody was smiling. People were cooking. It was just good. This ghetto is like a small city almost that’s on a hill. It’s kind of more, I just seen the feeling I felt that day when we shot the video and how good everybody felt, how happy they were that I actually even took the time to even shoot the video with a positive tone. Not just trying to do a shoot’em’up bang bang type of video just ’cause I got hood niggas around me. When I seen the pictures it gave me that same appreciation and feeling for the world and for Trinidad, I want to share that with my people.”